[Fenomena] Resonansium – Bayangan ‘Waktu Depan’ dari ‘Masa Lalu’

Bayangan waktu depan dari masa laluDemi mencari . . .

Itulah yang terisi didalam kehendak mereka yang masih tertinggal. Sebuah kehendak yang membuat mereka terekam kembali dalam waktu dunia kita.

Mereka seperti Ilusi namun bukanlah merupakan Ilusi.

Mereka seperti Hantu namun bukanlah merupakan Hantu.

Mereka adalah bagian dari kesadaran dunia ini yang masih tertinggal karena suatu hal. Jika Hantu seperti rekaman memori dari makhluk hidup yang telah mati. Maka mereka seperti rekaman memori dari dunia yang tertinggal oleh ‘zaman yang telah mati’. Ini adalah sebuah fenomena yang masuk dalam kategori ‘Resonance’ dalam ilmu fisik.

Zaman yang telah mati, apakah yang kalian fikir ketika mendengar kalimat itu?

Itu mungkin adalah sebuah cerita jika kita mencoba mencari tahu tentang itu.

Itu mungkin adalah sebuah kejadian yang tidak terjadi dalam waktu dunia kita.

Katakanlah jika kita memiliki kemampuan untuk melihat ataupun menjelajahi kejadian diakan datang dan kejadian yang sudah terjadi sebelumnya. Maka ‘zaman yang telah mati’ itu tidak akan pernah ditemukan dalam ‘garis dunia kita’. Benar, zaman itu berada di garis tali yang berbeda dengan tali waktu tempat berada kita sekarang.

Karena zaman itu memiliki amplitude yang lebih kecil dari zaman kita, itulah yang menyebabkan zaman itu mati. Dengan kata lain zaman yang tidak dipilih oleh takdir dunia. Namun karena masih memiliki kehendak, mereka akan selalu muncul digaris dunia kita. Entah itu gambaran dari zaman mereka di garis waktu depan dunia kita maupun sebaliknya dari zaman mereka di garis waktu lalu dunia kita.

Gambaran itu bisa berupa satu, sebagian, ataupun seluruh dari suatu makhluk. Bisa juga berupa gambaran tempat yang berupa monumen ataupun bagian dari alam disebuah tempat. Kita sebut fenomena ini dengan ‘Resonansium‘.

Orang-orang banyak mengatakan itu adalah sesuatu dari dunia paralel atau yang berhubungan dengan itu. Memang tidak salah jika dibilang begitu tapi kurang tepat. Kurang tepat karena jika itu paralel dengan kata lain ada di proyeksi waktu sama walaupun di garis waktu yang berbeda. Namun resonansium ini tidak perlu sebatas harus sama proyeksi waktu yang sedang dilaluinya. Seperti yang di jelaskan sebelumnya bisa saja dari waktu lalu maupun waktu depan yang bahkan sama sekali belum terjadi di garis waktu kita.

Jika dihubungkan dengan post sebelumnya tentang “World of Aleph”, Ini bisa dijadikan dasar teori untuk mencapai titik nol dengan mengurangi keberadaan kita dengan keberadaan yang sama yang ada di garis waktu lain.

“Membuat Diri kita yang hanya hidup di dalam sudut pandang waktu parental abadi dirikita, sehingga membuat kita tidak hidup atau tidak ada dalam sudut pandang waktu maupun garis waktu lain selain itu, dan hanya satu-satunya.”

Dalam teori Metafisik, ini dinamakan Phythagoras point of World.

Jika kalian tahu hukum phythagoras maka yang terfikir awal adalah bentuk ‘Segitiga’. Benar, sudut pandang yang dimaksud sangat berhubungan dengan bentuk segitiga, namun tidak akan dijelaskan didalam postingan ini dengan rinci karena ini akan dijelaskan di postingan mendatang dalam kategori yang berbeda. Hanya untuk singkatnya jika dijelaskan tentang ini, maka clue yang bisa di berikan adalah “Dunia abu-abu, dimana waktu bergerak dalam jangka 1/1 triliun waktu normal.”

Akan sulit dijelaskan dengan kata-kata biasa, untuk itu kalian bisa lihat video ini sebagai analogi dasar yang kiranya bisa digunakan. Dan perhatikan baik-baik setiap kejadian yang ada didalamnya.

Alasan mengapa walaupun kita bisa kembali ke ‘masa lalu’ namun tidak bisa membunuh ataupun bertemu dirikita disana akan jelas terlihat ketika melihat video diatas. Mungkin cukup sekian untuk postingan kali ini.

Sampai jumpa di postingan selanjutnya!!!


[Fenomena] Resonansium – Bayangan ‘Waktu Depan’ dari ‘Masa Lalu’

[ExP] Ouija tool for play with Spirit

OuijaOuija – this ancient ritual that people used for centuries .

The question of how to bring the spirit of using witch boards and saucers, of interest to many people, but not everyone knows that it is a fairly simple process that can be carried out without fear even beginners in magic at home.

Many distrust to call spirits not yet try it yourself.

By the process of calling the spirits of many people are very skeptical , and almost all of them have never participated in seances , do not know how to carry out such rituals and what could be the results. But the call of the spirit – is not just a magic ritual that allows to talk with otherworldly beings , it is also a wonderful way to look at yourself from the outside, to identify their own psychological and life problems .

But whatever your attitude to a seance , if you want to spend a ritual and to achieve at least some results , you have to not only believe in magic, but the full potential of the unknown . The only way you can get not just evidence of the existence of other worlds , but dismantled in itself , to know new sensations and get support and help from higher powers.

Terms seance and work on call spirit and saucer

Incense give the right atmosphere and will keep you in good shape.
Ouija need two basic things – magical board, coated with her letters, numbers and words, as well as a saucer or a pendulum that will show the responses of supernatural forces. In addition, the spirits must be treated very respectfully, because such ceremonies are held only by the light of candles in the room and harvested in clean clothes. Will be a big plus if you find time to use also special incense, they not only create the right atmosphere, but also a beneficial effect on your well-being and inner peace.

It is important to remember also that in magic rituals need to use the special items that do not use for other purposes. There are cases when people take candlesticks and almost burned candles, a small dish of food and expect a miracle . Do not forget that the ritual – is an ordinance to detail which in any case can not be treated lightly , especially because today everyone can afford to buy a pair of candlesticks, candles and saucer , which will only be used for magical purposes , afford such expenses not much kick.

How do Witchboard

Witchboard can be done from an ordinary drawing paper . Ideally, magical or witch board made ​​of wood, which cut the desired characters , letters, numbers and other elements . In reality, however , the material does not play absolutely no role other than aesthetic satisfaction . Working ” board ” can make their own simply because of a large piece of poster board or cardboard, and the effectiveness of such a subject in no way will yield expensive accessories from specialty stores .

Besides the board you will also need a new small saucer without pictures and patterns, it should be made of lightweight material ( porcelain or earthenware ) and without effort on your part to slide on the surface of the board . From the outside saucer draw a clear dark arrow pointer .

The selected material is necessary to put the alphabetical range , without which the seance is impossible. The diameter of the circle depends on how many people will take part in the ceremony , the minimum size – 40-50.

There are several variations of the arrangement of letters on the perimeter of the circle, however, no one has yet been able to prove that some variation is more efficient than the others, because the alphabet can be applied in any convenient manner , as long as the letters were evenly placed on the outside of the circle.

From inside the circle to write the numbers 1 through 9 , and the words “yes” and “no.”

How to call a perfume saucer

It is best to conduct seances at night or in the evening. For some spirits better suited daytime, however, it is rather an exception to the rule.
Before the beginning of the ritual, disconnect all electrical appliances and communications equipment that can distract you from what is happening and to bring down the concentration.

Make sure also that the selected room is not in domesticated animals. Although there are entities that are more willing to come to the house where the cat lives. In any case, you should remember that you need to not only bring the spirit of dialogue, but also to prepare the room so that the spirit was comfortable, in this case it is much more likely to come to you and answer all your questions.

Absolutely all session participants should remove all items and accessories with it.

All participants of the ritual must be removed from the hands of all jewelry and metal accessories, including watches, rings, chains, bracelets, etc. Talk to each other is possible, but only until the spirit, and only in a whisper. In addition, directly with the spirit shall say only one person, because it cost to pre-select a medium, and instruct him – to ask all your questions. Pre-need to discuss and less important, but important details, to the point, and who will sit where, who will drive a saucer, who will record the answers of the spirit, etc.

At the beginning of the session , the medium should take over the saucer , a little warm it over a candle flame on the inside, then put it in the center of the board and magical to say the words : “The Spirit ( so and so ) , come to us, please ” . When words are uttered three times , the rest of the session should also touch the saucer fingertips .

Do not start to ask questions as long as the presence of mind will not be revealed. Once you or someone from the participants feel something unusual , we can ask the question: “The Spirit ( so and so), come to us, please.” Just like before.

If the spirit came to the call, he will answer you . At the same time , a lot of each session depends on the medium – man , leading a saucer and ask questions. Spiritualist must fully tune in spirit, and not just to see the essence of the answers indicated a saucer , but also feel them. In some cases , to start a conversation needs a little push in the direction of a saucer , where he wishes to send the spirit , but that he did not have the strength .

In other situations , the saucer can start to rush from side to side , in this case, the subject need some hold that it does not come off the table and do not break out of the circle. It is important to remember that the medium in any case should not take your fingers off the saucer until the end of the session , as this may break the established connection to spirit .

[ExP] Ouija tool for play with Spirit




My name is kyubey..,
I’m going to tell you about a thing called love……
/(o w o)\

>>Love storY

Terdengar lantunan merdu :

samia dostia
ari aditida
tori adito madora

Semua mahkluk ciptaan, selalu memiliki hal, yang disebut perasaan. Perasaan adalah sebuah emosi unik yang bercampur aduk, antara baik dan buruk.

estia morita
nari amitia
sori arito asora

Dapat di katakan, perasaan pula lah yang melahirkan prinsip kehidupan antara baik dan buruk.

semari aisi isola matola
soribia doche irora amita
samaria dose ifia mio lora fia sia adora

Apa yang kalian sebut cinta, adalah faktor utama yang pada akhirnya melahirkan kegelapan.

samia dostia
ari aditida
tori adito madora

Disaat cinta suatu mahkluk mengalami faktor ketidakadilan, disanalah akan muncul jiwa pemusnah.

estia morita
nari amitia
sori arito asora

Jiwa pemusnah akan menghilangkan beberapa cinta secara random kepada mahkluk yang lainnya.

semari aisi isola matola
soribia doche irora amita
samaria dose ifia mio lora fia sia adora

Dan semakin bervariasi juga rasa ketidakadilan di dunia ini, yang bertujuan untuk mendapatkan cintanya kembali. Dengan cara memusnahkan pengganggu mereka…..  /(o w o)\

Sangat maksud akal bila tuhan mengatakan, di dalam kehidupan, pasti akan menemui kematian juga.

Kelahiran suatu mahkluk, yang disebabkan oleh rasa cinta.
Kematian suatu mahkluk, yang disebabkan oleh rasa cinta pula.

Dalam satu detik..,
Ada satu nyawa yang akan di hidupkan ke dunia.
Di detik yang sama pula, akan ada satu nyawa yang dihilangkan dari dunia.

program tuhan yang bertujuan untuk menjaga keseimbangan adalah cahaya dan bayangan.

Dimana pendukung entropy terbesar, muncul dari perasaan cinta manusia yang melahirkan satu mahkluk dan memusnahkan satu mahkluk setiap detiknya.

semari aisi isola matola
soribia doche irora amita
samaria dose ifia mio lora fia sia adora

Jika kau berdoa untuk hidup panjang. Maka kau takkan pernah bisa mendapatkan cinta selamanya.

Karna saat kau menginginkan cinta kembali. Disaat yang sama pula, sang kematian mulai menulis namamu lagi, untuk menjadi giliran tahap eksekusi selanjutnya…..
/(o w o)\




[Random] ~ Two Shadows ~ Black Spot of Self-world

~ Two shadows ~

“Mari kita mulai mencari kedalam apa yang dinamakan ‘diri-kita’, jauh dan terus hingga mencapai dasar keberadaan!”

Titik Hitam . . .

Itulah yang pertama kali disadari ketika mencapai sebuah dasar dari suatu keberadaan. Normalnya ketika seseorang melihat seberkas bercak titik hitam dalam kertas putih, maka dia akan langsung mengalihkan perhatiannya kearah tersebut dan mengabaikan seutuhnya wilayah putih dalam kertas yang masih tersisa. Seolah-olah menganggap daerah putih itu sama sekali tidak ada dalam pemikirannya.

Titik Hitam . . .

Itulah sebuah noda yang menyumbat dan menahan keberadaan kita agar tetap berada didunia ini. Tanpa itu orang-orang bahkan alam sekalipun sama sekali tidak akan mengenali atau menggap kita itu ada. Kita bisa ada didunia ini karena memiliki noda itu, sehingga semua yang ada didunia bisa mengenali keberadaan yang memiliki arti ‘diri-kita’.

Karena itu mari kita mulai membuka dan mengenali dunia titik hitam ini!!!



Diri adalah Putih

Dunia adalah Hitam,


Dalam Bayangan

Diri menjadi hitam

Dunia menjadi putih,

Membentuk ikatan Diri dari Dunia,

Menghapus ikatan Dunia dari Diri,

BayangBayang terbentuk,

Diri dan dunia terhapus,

Membuat wiliyah pembatas

Diri melahirkan Bayangan

Banyangan melahirkan Dunia,

Dua keberadaan terlahir,

Dan itu adalah Dua Bayangan

Hal pertama yang harus ditegaskan ketika membaca kalimat diatas adalah hati-hati dalam cara pembacaan dan tanda baca yang ada. Karena arti kalimat akan berberda ketika kita membaca salah. Agak sulit menterjemahkan dari literatur bahasa asli, sehingga ada beberapa kata yang sedikit mengandung konotasi, sehingga bagi yang tidak cermat akan sedikit sulit memahami kalimat tersebut.

“Diri adalah Putihnya Dunia dan warna Putih Dunia adalah Hitam”

Kalimat pertama dalam pembayangan berarti diri kita membuat dunia menjadi putih selama dunia yang putih adalah wujud dari keberadaan yang hitam.


Yang kedua Nēurolinia adalah singkatan dari Neuron Millenia (Sel syaraf seribu tahun) yang mana jika dijelaskan singkat adalah sel syaraf hidup dalam tubuh kita yang terhubung langsung dengan CoVe (Conscious Veins) seperti antena atau sinyal dalam tubuh, yang sebelumnya pernah sedikit dijelaskan dipostingan https://arsinstall.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/fenomena-mengapa-manusia-menjadi-hantu-basic-ver/ , jika ingin tahu lebih detil artinya kalian bisa baca terlebih dahulu disana.

“Dalam Bayangan Diri menjadi Dunia hitam dan Hitamnya Dunia menjadi Putih”

Kalimat ini menjelaskan fase terbentuknya bayangan dalam dunia. Ini juga menjelaskan sekali lagi arti bahwa lawan dari cahaya bukanlah kegelapan, melainkan bayangan. Cahaya dan bayangan saling berlawanan dan tidak pernah bisa bersatu. Yang mana disana dirikitalah, atau benda lain yang mempunyai keberadaan yang menjadi pembatas antara kedua hal itu.

“Membentuk ikatan Diri dari Dunia dan Menghapus ikatan Dunia dari Diri.”

Ini adalah kalimat penegas untuk kalimat sebelumnya yang mana berarti menjadi pembatas antara kedua hal tadi.

“Bayang-bayang terbentuk lalu Diri dan Dunia terhapus”

Bayang-bayang disini adalah sinonim dari Akashic Record, Yang mana ketika itu terbuka diri kita dan dunia yang ada seperti terhapus. Bagi yang tidak mengetahui apa itu Akashic Record, kalian bisa mencarinya di internet untuk sementara. Karena mungkin kedepan postingan tentang itu akan dibahas jadi tunggu saja.

“Membuat wilayah pembatas Diri yang melahirkan Bayangan dan Bayangan Bayangan pun melahirkan Dunia”

Dalam kalimat ini, setidaknya arti jelasnya sudah sedikit terlihat jika langsung membaca. Wilayah yang membatasi diri melahirkan sesuatu yang dinamakan ‘bayangan’ dan bayangan bayangan disana yang berarti lebih dari satu ‘bayangan’ pun melahirkan apa yang disebut dengan dunia.

“Dua keberadaan terlahir dan itu adalah Dua Bayangan”

Dua bayangan disana adalah tema postingan kali ini. Dua keberadaan yang berarti keberadaan yang ke-dua terlahir dan itu adalah dua bayangan. Dua bayangan yang kita sebut dengan Cāstrix (Diri kedua).

Bagaimana sedikit mulai memahami tema kali ini? Lengkapnya tentang Cāstrix ini mungkin kedepan akan dijelaskan lebih rinci lagi, jadi sampai saat itu tiba kalian bisa sekalian mendengarkan lagu yang kebetulan mirip dengan judul postingan kali ini dan sedikit melihat arti dari lirik lagunya di https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIoWc7UrQvA

Sampai jumpa di postingan selanjutnya!!!


[Random] ~ Two Shadows ~ Black Spot of Self-world

[ExP] Efek dari Cermin

Efek dari CerminWhat annoying person in others, there is him/her. What man does not want to hear from other people is that it is most important to hear at this stage of life. Another person can serve as a mirror for us, helping us to discover what we do not see, do not know himself.

If a person is what irritates him in the other , correct in itself, to what fate will send him a mirror . Avoiding everything that we hate , avoiding people cause us negative feelings , we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to change your life , depriving themselves of the opportunity of internal growth .

Man creates his own world-view, individual layer of the world or “separate” reality. Overall, this picture individual reality depends on how the person is set in relation to all that surrounds it, what he believes, what he believes or does not believe. But the paradox in the fact that at the same time it is due to the attitude and depends on what is happening around in his “individual” reality. What do we have? And it turns out the so-called “closed-loop” – “Reality is formed as a reflection of the human way of thinking, and the image, in turn, is largely determined by the reflection.”

If we define the reality around us as our mirror , it becomes evident how our “mirror” reflects just us, in our “outer” world reflects our world “inside” our world of inner beliefs , beliefs , fears, joys and sorrows .

We represent the man who stood before the mirror, it directs all his attention , trying not to look at ourselves from within. In looking at the external world , avoiding his inner world . In this scheme, the main role in the feedback loop does not play the image and reflection. And in such a situation a person is in the grip of a mirror , because if spellbound , looking at your copy . And it did not even occur to him that by changing the original itself , in their inner world and he will change his reflection , in the world – “outside .”

As a result of this obsession focus on reflection , we often get what we do not actively wish .
All we remember from childhood the old wisdom :

•  fought for – for it and ran ”
In neighboring mote eye can discern , and in his logs and not notice ”

But here is an example of how does our ” mirror ” of reality :

Appearance . You will notice that almost all young children are very cute . Where does so many adults who are unhappy with their appearance ? All from the same place – in the mirror , which brings back all of the claims . Grow beautiful are those who inwardly confident in its beauty – that’s their secret.

The rule is : “If I like myself , I have a growing number of reasons for this .” But here we must take into account that a person , thus, must be totally sincere with himself. Is he sure of that or he just thinks he’s sure or want to believe it – a ” two big differences ” , as they say .

Our internal installation programs are broadcast to us on the screen of our “external” reality. The world is very inventive and operates countless images, and very interesting in this story is that everyone has their own images , as well as installation , stereotypes and beliefs each has its own individual . For example, we all have different understandings of the same word . As with every word we have linked their individual associations and their individual experiences .

The experiment . I call the word ” man .” What image do you have now emerged in the head? I am sure that everyone has his own , someone presented a man 40 years old who is asexual image of the stencil , who sees his full , some thin , etc. Ie each has its own association with that word , because experience for everybody. And such an experiment we can perform almost all the words of our vocabulary . That’s how we communicate.

Now back to our “mirror” of reality. What we often see in the ” mirror “? And we see that, on the whole the more focused our attention.

For example, some experience is entirely owned by the person’s attention . He was concerned about them and what does not suit him . At the same time thinking about what you do not want and do not want to order what they think . Here’s a paradox. Mirror external world but does not account for our willingness or unwillingness – it just exactly reproduce the content of the inner world , reflects the image .

Another example of the “mirror” What really do not like, what you get in your life in abundance.

As a result, even more annoying, thereby increasing the strength of his feelings. Mentally, you send all the “go to h*ll”: “F*ck you all! ..” And that “mirror”? It returns this boomerang back. You sent, and you were sent there too. Number trouble increases in life. If you stand before a mirror and yell: “I hope you fail!” – A reflection of there there? That’s right, a reflection of “How do you you fail with his world.” Now let’s look at a penchant for pessimistic expectations on the part. The truth looks unattractive?

A state: “Oh, it still does not work!” – Like sadomasochism. Sometimes you might think that a pessimist gets perverted satisfaction, reveling in its heavy fractions: “The world is so bad that any longer. Nothing has changed. Full fatality. That serves him right, and me along with it! “Interestingly, this pathological habit of negativism find rapture in developing breeds predisposed to insults:” I’m so wonderful! And you do not appreciate! Here it is, the top of the injustice! All I was offended, and do not persuade me! That’s going to die, then you will know! “

And in the end we get ?

That’s what we fear the most is what you get .

That’s what trying to avoid it in order and face.

How do we think about ourselves and the world thinks of us.

The world reflects us only what we think , that is, our thoughts .

External World – a mirror of our inner world


[ExP] Efek dari Cermin

[ExP] Astral World – Interface Version –

AWOccult recognize the existence of the three worlds , or three planes of existence : the spiritual world , the world of the astral and the physical world . Representatives of the first ( spiritual) is the spirit , the second ( astral ) – energy or force , the third (physical) – matter . Second world ( astral ) serves as a conduit between the first and the third. However, all worlds penetrate each other of them.

Astral world – it’s the world through which a person enters the external radiation . It is home to residents and members of nightmares or unusual dreams , energy clots – a copy of the dead and the unborn , they respond to seances . In the same astral go to work and all kinds of psychics .

Astral world

The astral world is conventionally divided into “higher” and “lower”. To the lower astral include the fact that the common people called unclean, that the inhabitants of the lower Astral can be seen as hell drunk or stoned, crazy frequently communicate with them also. Supreme astral associated with stellar vault on the surface of the world. If you dream of flying to the stars – it’s an unconscious access to higher astral. The most difficult thing in this case – to understand what you are asleep, that your physical body is left at the bottom, and the astral body, slipping to freedom, decided to walk through the astral.

Under the astral plane is also to be understood one of the parallel worlds .

The human population of the astral plane naturally splits into two groups – the living and the dead, or, to speak more accurately , to those who still have a physical body , and those who haven’t.


People are manifested on the astral plane during physical life can be divided into four classes:

1. Adepts and their Students:

In the early stages of its development, the student can act in his astral body , like any other , but entered the astral plane under the guidance of a competent teacher always has the most complete consciousness there and can quite easily act on all its divisions. In fact, he himself , just as his friends know on earth, but without a physical body and with additional powers and abilities of this higher state , allowing it to continue during sleep more easily and efficiently the Theosophical work which takes as his thoughts during the waking hours .

Will it be on the physical plane fully and accurately remember what he did or what I learned on the astral , largely depends on whether he can carry without interruption his consciousness from one state to another.

The researcher may accidentally meet in the astral world of the occult students from all parts of the world , and in many cases they are – the most serious and dedicated seekers of.

2. The Mental Development of People that are not under the Guidance of the Masters

These people may or may not be a true story developed spiritually , because the two forms of development is not necessarily achieved together. When a person is born with psychic powers , it is the result of efforts made by them in the last incarnation – an effort that may be the most noble and selfless , or even in front of ignorant and totally unworthy .

Such a person is usually completely conscious when it is outside the body, but the lack of proper training often causes him to be deceived in what he sees. Often it is able to penetrate through the different divisions of the astral plane is almost as complete as a person belonging to the previous category, but sometimes it is particularly attracted to any one branch, and rarely goes beyond its influences. Memories of people about what he has seen can vary widely according to their degree of development – from perfect clarity to complete distortion or even oblivion.

3. Ordinary

People without mental development . During sleep, they float in their astral bodies , often in a more or less unconscious.

All cultured people belonging to the higher races of the world, now have already fully developed astral senses, so that if they are awake enough to explore the reality surrounding them during sleep, they could make observations and many of them find out. But in the vast majority of cases they are not awake enough and spend most of their nights on the deep and often somber meditation on the theme of the idea that prevailed in their mind during sleep. They have astral abilities, but they are unlikely to use them, and though they are, of course, do not sleep on the astral plane, they still did not awake to it, and therefore only dimly aware of the surroundings, if not conscious.

In most backward races and individuals astral body almost formless and uncertainty in the outlines , but as a person develops the intellect and spirituality , his floating astral body becomes more clearly delineated and begins to resemble a closer physical shell .

4. The Black Magicians or their Disciples

This class is somewhat corresponds to the first , except that the motives are of evil rather than good , and purchased power used for purely selfish purposes , and not to help humanity. Among the lower ranks of his primitive races there are people who have horrific rituals , as well as healers of many wild.


First of all, the very word “dead” is absurdly erroneous definition as most creatures , so classified , as alive as we are – and certainly more often . So that this term should be understood to mean simply those who are temporarily not bound to the physical body . They can be divided into the following classes :

1. Nirvanakajya

That is, those who have earned eternal joy of nirvana , renounced her to devote himself to work for the benefit of mankind. They are mentioned here for completeness classification as rarely as high beings appear at such a low level, as the astral . When , for any reason related to their sublime work, they consider it desirable , it is likely create for this purpose temporary astral body.

2. Students awaiting incarnation

In theosophical literature is often claimed that when the student reaches a certain stage , it is with the help of the teacher can avoid the law of nature, which in ordinary cases at the end of the astral life kills man in the heavenly world . In the ordinary course of events in this world , he would have received in full the result of all the spiritual forces that their highest aspirations , he launched a movement , being that can be described to be Dead classes.

As a disciple is a person presumably clean life and elevated thoughts, probably in his case, these spiritual forces are extraordinary, and therefore, if it enters into the life of heaven, it will be too long. But if, instead of having to take it, he will come to the path of renunciation, he can use this power supply in a completely different direction – to help mankind. By adopting such a course of action, he is undoubtedly the greatest sacrifices for centuries bliss, but on the other hand, acquires an extraordinary advantage to continue without interruption life works and progress.

When the student who decides to do so, dies, he goes out of his body , as is often done in the past, and looks forward to the astral plane suitable transformation , which can pick up his teacher .

Students awaiting incarnation, does not strictly part of the phenomenon of the astral plane , but still they can sometimes come across . Undoubtedly, with the advancement of human evolution , and everything growing number embarked on the path of holiness , this class will become more numerous.

3. Ordinary people after death

Needless to say, this class is a million times more numerous than that which we have just mentioned , and the nature and status of its members vary in a wide range . Equally may vary widely and the duration of their life on the astral plane , as there are those who spend a few days or hours , while others remain at this level for many years and even centuries .

The man who led a good and clean life , whose strongest feelings and aspirations have been unselfish and spiritual , will not be attracted to this plan, but because there is little to hold it there . His tenure will be brief, and most likely he will have no more than a sleepy semi-conscious existence until put to sleep , during which its supreme began to finally be freed from the astral wrapper and will be included in a blissful life of the heavenly world .

The average person before his death is not yet free from all lower desires, to allow them begotten forces generated and the release of his “I” need a long period of more or less conscious life on the astral plane.

People who have gross and bestial desires – drunkards, fornicators, and the like, are in the astral world for a period proportional to the strength of their desires, often experiencing terrible suffering from the fact that while their earthly desires is still as strong as ever , they now can not be met, except in cases where they are able to capture the obsession by any such person to them.

The poetic idea of death that equalizes all – it’s just nonsense generated by ignorance, because in fact the vast majority of cases the loss of the physical body does not make any change in the nature or human intelligence , but because among those we usually call the dead , there is the same variety in reasonableness , as well as among the living.

Popular Western religious teachings on human postmortem adventures have long been so wildly inaccurate that even intelligent people after death are terribly puzzled when the astral world to them regains consciousness. The conditions in which the new arrivals is so radically different from that to which they declined waiting, that there are cases when they initially refuse to believe that passed through the gates of death. In fact, our vaunted belief in the immortality of the soul has such a small practical value that most people, the fact that they are still conscious, considered absolute proof that they did not die.

Terrible doctrine of eternal punishment is also responsible for a huge number of the most miserable and totally groundless fears of these newcomers to the higher life . In many cases, they spend a long time in the acute mental suffering before they can free themselves from the disastrous effects of this abominable blasphemy and realize that the world is governed not by the whim of some demon rejoicing human suffering, and supportive and amazingly patient law of evolution .

Many of those who belong to the class , and does not reach a reasonable understanding of the evolution of this fact , and swim through its intermediate astral existence as aimlessly as they have spent and the physical part of their lives . Therefore, after death, exactly as it was before it, only a few understand something in its position and know how to best use it.

4. ‘Shadows’

When a person’s life and astral ends , it goes on the mental plane . But just as dying on the physical plane , he leaves behind a physical body , and dying on the astral plane , he leaves decaying astral body .

Even in the case of a man whose life was a little less than perfect, can be achieved almost the same result as if the forces of lower desires will be allowed without interference exhausted on the astral plane . But efforts by most of humanity to get rid of less lofty motives of his nature are minor and superficial, and because they doom themselves not only on a very long stay in the intermediate world , but also the loss of the lower mind .

It breaks up the astral body is composed of particles of astral matter of which the lower mind could not get out , left her prisoner – in fact the transition person in the heavenly world , these clinging fragments stuck to the side of his mind, and, as it.

Thus, there is a class of entities, referred to as ” shadows .” Note that the shadow – a creature that in no sense is not a real personality , since the latter had already gone to the heavenly world, but nevertheless, this shadow outwardly looks like a person, even has her memory and all the tiny character traits from -this what it can mistakenly be easily mistaken for the man himself, as often happens at seances .

The longevity of the shadow varies according to the amount of the lower mind, which animates her, but her mind is constantly decreasing, although it may have a certain animal cunning. By its nature, it is very susceptible to all kinds of evil influences. Because it readily lends itself to the use of black magicians to perform errands most vile sort. Gradually mother, whom she had decays and returns to his own plan, without joining any mind, and thus the shadow fades, almost imperceptibly move to the next class before us.

5. Skins

This is simply the astral bodies of which are in the last stages of decay, which leave the last particles of mind. They do not have any consciousness or intelligence and passively floating in the astral currents , like clouds that can inspire in any direction zipping breeze.

6. Suicide and victims of sudden death

Like the post before this explained of ghost, extended from information, It is understood that the man hastily torn from physical life accident or suicide when he was still in good health and full of energy , will be on the astral plane in conditions that differ significantly from those that surround died of old age or illness. In the latter case, the grip earthly desires more or less weakened , while the coarse particles probably already been removed , and because the shock is not so simetries.

In the case of sudden death or suicide , none of these preparations has not taken place , and the withdrawal of their physical case it is appropriate to compare to haul the stone from the unripe fruit .

Victims of sudden death , earthly life was pure and noble – during their stay there goes in the ” Blissful ignorance and complete oblivion , or in a state of quiet slumber .”

On the other hand, if the earthly life of the people was low and rough , sensual and selfish , they can be terribly evil creatures .

Those whose mental vision is disclosed, can often see these unfortunate creatures crowd around butcher shops, pubs and other places with even lower reputation – that is, wherever you can find them pleasing rough influence, and where they meet those embodied people similar to them thinking.

It should be noted that representatives of this class, like shadows, can be called a small vampires, since when they have neither the opportunity, they prolong their existence, pulling the vitality of human beings in which they are able to influence.

7. Anmplër in common like Vampires and Werewolves

It remains to mention two even more disgusting , but fortunately more rare opportunities .

Readers theosophical literature it is known that a person can live such a low and selfish life, be as evil and cruel that the entire lower mind will become inextricably linked with the desires and finally separated from its spiritual source . Some learners believe that such cases are quite common , and we can meet on the street every set of such ” heartless people ,” but this , fortunately, is not true. To achieve this evil, involving a complete loss of identity , a person must strangle every glimmer of unselfishness or spirituality and not have to think of anything that could save him ; Do you remember how often , even in the worst of villains , you can find some good hand, we realize that the person left must always be a small minority . Yet, as it is relatively small in number they are, they exist , and that from them a series nominated even more rare vampires .

Is being lost after death very soon discovers that he can not remain in the astral world , and must be fully conscious irresistibly drawn into the ” own place ” where slowly disintegrate , having gone through an experience that it is better not to describe . However, if the death occurred suddenly or was the result of suicide , it may in some circumstances , especially if he knows something of black magic , to refrain from this terrible fate by mortal life is hardly less terrifying – disgusting existence of vampires :

It is stored in a state similar to trance with the help of a terrible trick – it transfusion of blood drawn from other human beings by means of semi materialized astral body, thus delaying the final fulfillment of his destiny through many killings. Folk “superstition” again quite rightly suggests that the most easy and effective remedy in this case – to dig up and burn the vampire’s body, so depriving him of his strong point. When the tomb excavated, the body usually has a completely fresh and healthy, and the coffin is often full of blood. In countries where the custom of cremation, vampirism of this type, of course, impossible.

Werewolves , although being as disgusting , are the product of several different karma.

When a person is absolutely brutal and bestial , his astral body in some circumstances can be captured by other astral entities and materialized in the form of a wild animal , usually the wolf. In this state, he will scour the neighborhood, killing other animals and even humans , not only to satisfy their own thirst for blood , but those demons that pushed him to it .

In this case, as often happens when ordinary materialization every wound inflicted by the animal , will be played on the physical body.

In this age fashionable to scoff at what is called the silly superstition illiterate peasants , but the occult student finds it that at first glance seemed to simply nonsense , undiscovered or forgotten truths of nature, and so learn to be cautious in denying the same way as in acceptance.

Researchers astral plane should not be afraid to meet very unpleasant creatures described in this paragraph , since , as already mentioned , they are now extremely rare , and fortunately , over time their number will steadily decrease. In any case, the region of such manifestations limited to neighborhoods near their physical bodies, as one might suppose , given their highly material nature .

[ExP] Astral World – Interface Version –

[Fenomena] Mengapa Manusia Menjadi ‘Hantu’? (Basic Ver.)


Mengapa banyak dari manusia takut akan kematian? Apakah karena mereka memiliki banyak dosa. Atau mereka yang sudah membersikan kesalahan itu apakah tidak takut akan hal itu? Mungkin beberapa orang dari mereka malah menunggu dan menantikan tentang kematian itu sendiri?

Pada umumnya orang-orang yang takut akan kematian adalah orang-orang atheist. Karena mereka tidak mempercayai adanya Tuhan. Dan tidak percayanya akan adanya kehidupan setelah datang kematian. Mereka fokus akan kehidupan dunia yang sekarang mereka tinggali dan sama sekali tidak memiliki bekal atau persiapan yang dibutuhkan setelah kematian.

Setelah Mati mereka berfikir akan masuk kedalam suatu ‘Lubang’, Lubang yang secara visual atau dianalogikan mirip seperti apa yang kita lihat terhadap lensa kamera. “Katakanlah apa yang kau percaya – lalu mulai disana cari dan temukanlah arti dari dirimu itu!” Itulah suatu pepatah yang sering digunakan ketika manusia sedang mencari arti keberadaan dirinya di dunia.

Berapa banyakkah jiwa yang nantinya akan berkumpul kedalam ‘Lubang’ itu? Jika di dasarkan pada karma yang ada. Mungkin akan ada yang cepat langsung masuk kedalam tubuh baru lainnya. Dan mungkin itu akan bertahan selamanya disana. Namun bagaimana jadinya nasib mereka setelah itu?

-Sebuah Jiwa dapat bertahan secara permanen didalam suatu tubuh, jika dia melakukan tindakan yang dinamakan ‘Bunuh Diri’-

Bunuh diri secara sadar, ketika terjadi hal itu, jiwa akan terus merekat pada apa yang dinamakan ‘Conscious Veins‘, atau jika diartikan dalam bahasa kita langsung adalah syaraf kesadaran. Namun berbeda dengan nama itu, makna yang terkandung dalam Conscious Veins atau kita singkat CoVe, bukanlah syaraf kesadaran yang menempel pada tubuh manusia melainkan ~ Hubungan garis kesadaran memori antar Makhluk pada Syaraf Dunia ~! Dengan kata lain memori yang tersimpan di-alam yang disharing atau dibagikan terhadap makhluk sekitar yang berada didalamnya.

Memori itu jika dianalogikan bisa berupa berita baik dalam bentuk visual seperti video maupun suara seperti musik audio, yang mana setiap makhluk dapat melihat atau mendengarnya jika berada dilokasi Point CoVe disana yang mulai beresonansi atau memberikan data berita. Dan disana orang-orang atau manusia umumnya menyebut itu dengan ‘Hantu’.

Sebagai contoh Ada seorang manusia yang selama 20 tahun hidupnya didunia berakhir, dan ada keinginan kuat yang terpendam untuk terus lanjut selama 50 tahun kedepan. Alasan akhir kematian dari manusia itu adalah akibat ulah rokok, obat-obatan seperti narkoba atau jenis lainnya. Jika itu merupakan tindakan yang dia lakukan selama hidup atas kemauan atau alasan sendiri maka kematiannya bisa dikatagorikan sebagai kematian akibat ‘Bunuh Diri’.

Katakanlah disana tubuhnya ‘Mati’, lalu apakah yang terjadi dengan kesadarannya disana?

Karena keinginan kuat dan tindakan Bunuh Diri disiana, dengan 2 persyaratan tersebut maka terpenuhilah untuk suatu manusia menjadi ‘Hantu’. Kesadarannya tidak menghilang karena terus melekat pada CoVe, yang mana jika ada kerabat atau saudara dari orang yang mati tersebut jika berada di suatu point yang beresonansi, maka wujud atau suara dari orang yang mati itu bisa terdengar kembali oleh mereka yang mengenalnya dengan wujud atau suara yang sama ketika dia masih hidup.

Wujud atau suara yang beresonansi di point itu, tidak hanya mereka yang mengenal atau manusia yang secara tidak sengaja ada disana, makhluk lain seperti hewan atau tumbuhan pun bisa merasakannya. Karena itu merupakan sebuah data yang tersimpan di CoVe sehingga semua makhluk yang berada dipoint itu bisa mengaksesnya jika terjadi resonansi.

Namun jika dilihat dari sudut pandang orang yang mati rasakan. Dia mungkin merasakan hal yang lebih menderita dari kematian karena keberadaanya kini berada di CoVe. Karena dia tidak bisa merasakan sentuhan apapun, rasa apapun, tidak bisa lapar, tidak bisa haus, dan tidak bisa berkomunikasi dengan siapapun.

‘Hantu’ akan terus merasakan apa  yang namanya penderitaan, selama dia masih memendam atau memiliki sebuah keinginan atau hasrat yang tertinggal. Namun dia tidak bisa melakukan apapun terhadap hal itu dengan keberadaan dia saja yang seperti itu.

Sebagian dari ‘Hantu’ disana mungkin akan mencari tubuh atau medium baru untuk memenuhi keinginan atau hasratnya itu. Jadi beberapa dari mereka kadang ada yang menyerang orang lain atau memberi intimidasi disuatu tempat untuk tidak mengganggunya dalam memenuhi keinginan atau hasrat yang tertinggal disana. Karena itu di dunia kita banyak berbagai kejadian yang berhubungan dengan itu.

Mungkin cukup sampai disini informasi yang diberikan untuk Basic Ver. kali ini. Alasan mengapa kata ‘Hantu’ disana diberi kurung tanda kutip satu adalah karena ada beberapa arti ‘Hantu’ lain yang memiliki arti yang sedikit berbeda dengan yang dijelaskan disini. Karena itu untuk informasi tersebut, mungkin kedepan akan saya bahas lebih detil disana.

Sampai jumpa dipostingan selanjutnya!!!


[Fenomena] Mengapa Manusia Menjadi ‘Hantu’? (Basic Ver.)