[Cerita] Otherworldly forces raged

Otherworldly rageOver the past half-century ghost originally lived only in ancient castles and mansions in Europe , and quite successfully mastered the modern home of the New World . However, they often wander through the rooms of houses and yards estates in the open, in broad daylight , bringing a lot of trouble and anxiety to many Americans . Here is one such story .

Visits intruder

In 1964, one of Hollywood movie stars, the actress Elke Sommer German descent and her husband, writer Joe Hayems, purchased a luxury home near Los Angeles. Shortly after the purchase of the couple realized that, apart from them, live in a new home and even ghosts. First, it found the guests at their friend, a German journalist, when sunbathing by the pool, she saw near the house suddenly appeared “out of nowhere” a strange man in his fifties, under two meters tall, athletic, dressed in an elegant black suit and white shirt with a tie . The guests informed the owners that she had seen in the yard of the strange visitor and described his appearance. Those surprised and somewhat alarmed , because none of their friends did not fit that description.

Two weeks passed , and a gentleman in a black suit appeared again . At this time, in the early morning I saw him from the window of his bedroom his mother an actress. An elderly woman was frightened and was ready to scream and call for help , when suddenly uninvited guest disappeared.

Mysterious night scene

However, the two cases were the only the beginning of problems faced by the couple in their fashionable manor. Soon the night in the house were heard strange, loud sounds pretty – some noises, squeaks, and sometimes it seemed that the night in the dining room somebody moves the chairs standing around the dining table.

Firstly Joe Hayems believed that all these sounds are caused by natural causes, such as the rustle of leaves and branches creaked excessively overgrown trees and shrubs in the garden. Trees and bushes trimmed, but the strange sounds heard at night still. After that, every night before going to bed , Joe walked around the whole house , check whether latches are closed on the windows and all the doors are locked there . However, the next morning on the same window of the first floor latches are regularly found themselves raised . Soon, the same sounds were added new ones. Now the servants and the owners often have heard several times during the night in the house opened and closed the front door , but every morning checking again that evening the door remained firmly locked from the inside.

In the end , all these strange events as “get” Hayems that he found in the house a kind of tracking system, consisting of microphones , transmitters and receivers. However, the tranquility of the night to find the violators of these events have not helped.

In spring 1965 the couple went on vacation in Europe, leaving the house in the care of his friend. Since the beginning of his “government” mysterious accidents in the home has increased. So, every morning, he found the front door wide open , no matter how carefully locked it the night before. One day in August in broad daylight gardener saw through the window in the dining room that is haunting the same subject in a black suit. Deciding that it is a robber , a gardener was about to raise the alarm , but the “guest” directly in front of him literally melted in the air.

What experts revealed

After returning from Europe, Hayems understood that the number and variety of unexplained accidents in the home continues to grow, and decided to seek the advice and assistance in the Southern California Society for the Study of paranormal phenomena. They listened carefully agitated and confused by Hayems’s story and asked to deal with what is happening in his home, Dr. Thelma Moss, a psychologist from the Neuropsychological Institute at the University of California in Los Angeles. Thelma invited to take part in the investigation of the two reputable local psychics, Lotte van Strahl and Brenda Krenshou, and soon they all went to the estate Hayemsa.

Psychics immediately felt the presence of ghosts, and even managed to describe the appearance of the most important of them. Description coincided with the appearance of “dark type in black,” as he dubbed servants, which, along with the owners of the house, has also repeatedly seen this person. And as psychics in advance, nothing was known about the nature of what was happening in the house, Thelma felt this coincidence is very significant sign. In addition, the psychics said that at one time the “original” ghost people aged 50-55 years old, died of a heart attack. During his lifetime he was directly involved in this house, and for some reason did not want to (or could not) leave.

After receiving this information, Hayems tried to find out who were the previous owners of the house, how they lived and how it evolved their fate. Information that managed to get were quite scarce, but it turned out that all the people living here are also constantly tested as one of them said, “some discomfort from the intervention of supernatural forces” in their daily lives. However, this does not scare Hayemsa.

– Whoever these ghosts, and that they have nothing to get up – he said in an interview with journalists of the newspaper Saturday Evening Post, – they can not intimidate us into leaving our home.

Sad ending

Sell ​​the house wives and failed : it destroyed a fire suddenly broke out

However, further developments still forced Joe Hayemsa family decide to sell the house.

After the group Thelma Moss finished the survey of the estate , Elke Sommer suggested to her husband even invite any expert on anomalous phenomena, and to hear his opinion about what or who prevents them live in peace . Joe agreed. The choice fell on the couple Jacqueline Wachtel, who was known in these parts as an experienced psychic and also reputed to be clairvoyant .

Jacqueline arrived in the spring of 1966, examined the house and told the owners about the same as that of Thelma Moss and colleagues , but added :

– I see that in your dining room next year a fire could break out . Be careful.

After much deliberation, the couple in 1967, decided to sell the house , but to do it in time do not have time . Shortly before the completion of the transaction , one night , dining room suddenly burst into flames . Fortunately, there were no casualties , but save the house failed. Cause of the fire , as well as why the house hosted a ghost forever remain a mystery.


[Cerita] Otherworldly forces raged

[Tutorial] How to Stop “Internal Dialogue”

internal dialogueIn our mind there are always different ideas , they are like a swarm of bees swarming in it. And every thought behaves to get our attention , which jumps from one thought to another .

In response, the thought comes , and why all this is necessary? It turns out that the thoughts themselves float somewhere in my head and try to draw us into the experience itself. They occupy our minds useless talk about anything. Thoughts involve us in their own process and begin to control us .

We start to think about something, worry, giving energy to this thought, jumping from one thought to another. This prevents continuous process to focus on the most important, get to the bottom of things, to find among the hundreds of options is correct. And the voice of our intuition tells us constantly, but we can not listen to his advice. Our minds are attacking thousands of useless thoughts, filling our lives chaos. In our mind there is a permanent dialogue and it does not allow us to focus on solving specific problems. We are endlessly changing their goals, rather than to begin to translate ideas into reality.

It is worth noting that in many esoteric traditions, the ability to stop the internal dialogue is a key condition for the successful development of magical practices.

Our daily fatigue, oddly enough, in many respects, too, provoked by HP, and not just physical exercise. The more we are immersed in thought, soul-searching, the more of our energy is spent on the creation of HP and less still on the vital necessity. People who have a stop WA, and who took part this dialogue control, marked improvement and energy potential, whatever burden they did not commit.

Step 1

Have you ever watched over your thoughts ? How do they appear , what transformed, which evoke associations and where in the end go? Try to reflect on this . Very soon you will notice that most thought would not like yours. They sound in my head , replacing one another . Just watch them over . This watch is not clinging for any of them, not giving them strength. Just observe the general background . After a while, the thought will disappear .

Step 2

Present black circle (ball) in the center of a certain virtual space . To establish the relationship of the circle and thoughts. Location in the center of the circle indicates the absence of thoughts , it is his original , balanced state . If you have any thoughts you represent the circle is displaced from its centered place , as it were upset . The brighter and stronger thought the offset is greater than at the surface imperceptible thoughts , circle will vibrate slightly . Your task is to set up a circle to achieve it’s stationary state .

Step 3

Choose a quiet place . Sit down (lie) more comfortably . Relax. 1-5 minutes sit (lie down) focusing on his quiet breathing . If you are completely quiet – an inner (emotional) relaxation achieved . Now listen . The head (ears) is sound! Quiet sound. For some, it will buzz for someone – squeak usually sound stress polugul – polupisk . Concentrate on the sound. When the concentration of thoughts disappear … If you long to practice this method, the sound can be heard at any time, even in noisy environments .

Sooner or later, if you persist in practice one or another method , you stop the internal dialogue and you can start to control it at will. The main thing to not be lazy perform technique.

And that’s it how to stop your “internal dialogue”. For requester, I hope this explanation useful and it can be used in your problem.


[Tutorial] How to Stop “Internal Dialogue”



(love throw of time)

Sebuah Dongeng, yang belum tentu adalah nyata.
Dan kenyataan, yang belum tentu ada di dalam kehidupanmu.
Melewati beberapa garis dunia.
Ingatan itu selalu terbayang.
Apakah maksud dari tujuan?
Dan hasil mencapai sebuah bentuk dari tujuan. . . . .

Apa arti dari membuang waktu? Padahal kita selalu membuang-buang waktu, untuk menyenangkan hati dan perasaan kita sendiri.

Jauh dari makna, terbesit gambaran :
KEHIDUPAN YANG TAK MENGENAL WAKTU…   ..,   … , .. . , ., .,. ,. . . ,. ,. ,.    .        .             .

Kita hidup dalam sebuah medium yang mati, namun sangat kompleks, seperti sebuah kerangka robot yang terlihat padat dan kekal, namun sebenarnya sangatlah fleksibel, dengan artian, dapat mengubah bentuk dan berpindah tempat, dalam sebuah ruang yang di tempatinya.

Medium dapat di kendalikan oleh pikiran, yang memerintah server dari medium itu sendiri. Pikiran yang menempati medium, dan membawa kesadaran. Soul.

Medium yang membentuk sebuah wujud sempurna, yang dikatakan Jasad. Jasad yang membawa simbol dari bentuk, yang di katakan perlambangan wujud manusia. Jiwa yang membawa beban atas Jasad dan Ruh.

Jasad yang terus tumbuh semakin tinggi dan membesar. Terikat jalur waktu dari ruang yang mengurungnya. Jasad yang harus di pelihara oleh ruh yang menempatinya. Jasad yang memerlukan makan, minum, olahraga, tidur, bernapas, ekresi, dll.
Manusia harus makan. Manusia harus minum. Manusia harus bernapas. Manusia harus tidur.., dan beberapa kebutuhan lain, dari jasad yang dapat men transfer rasa sakit kepada ruh. Rasa sakit yang mengisyaratkan bentuk dari kematian.

Semakin besar rasa sakit yang di rasakan oleh ruh dari jasadnya, semakin besar pula tingkatan peluang menuju kepada kematian. Ruh yang tersegel dari jasad. Di ambil paksa setelah kematian datang menjemputnya.

Melepaskan setiap segel yang menempel di partikel-partikel sel jasad itu. Jasad mati. Tergantikan oleh kembarannya. Dan menjadi zombie yang bergentayangan. Jika mungkin kamu dapat memasukan aliran denyut elektrik yang bergerak, menggantikan jantung.

Lalu apakah yang manusia katakan tentang membuang waktu??
Apakah mereka hanya melihat tentang ruang bumi yang mengikat manusia dengan gravitasinya dan tak memikirkan adanya ruang lain yang memiliki waktunya masing-masing??

Lompatan tubuh pada garis dunia yang berbeda. Membuat cabang-cabang paradox waktu dari titik takdir akan jasadnya yang mati. Menyebabkan mereka tersadar dari kematian. Garis-garis dunia yang terhubung melalui kesadaran. Dimana dirimu tidaklah hanya satu. Melainkan banyak dan berbeda-beda.

Apa Mereka Sadar?
Time is Money.
Money is Alive.
Alive throw of time.
Time for love.
(love throw of time)

Manusia membuang-buang waktu demi suatu hal yang mereka cintai.
Dan Manusia akan terus melakukan hal itu.
Time is Nothing. . . . .. , ,  ..,., ., . .  . , ., ., . ,. ,. . . ….., .    .  . . .., . ..   .  .    ..  ,. ,. . ., . ,.



[Fenomena] – Scar of Sky – Pintu Langit Ke-2? Luka langit?

Pintu langit ke 2Pada bulan April 2015 fenomena ini kembali muncul. Sebuah goretan besar yang muncul dilangit. Entah karena cuaca mendung atau karena hal lainnya, yang pasti ada beberapa orang yang sempat menyadari kejadian ini.

Hanya sekitar 5-10 menit goretan itu terlihat setelah itu dibarengi dengan datangnya hujan, goretan itupun menghilang tanpa jejak. Jadi apakah sebenarnya goretan yang muncul dilangit tersebut?

Ada beberapa orang yang bertanya tentang itu satu hari setelahnya kepadaku. Mungkin mereka sempat menyadari keanehan itu dan penasaran sehingga menanyakannya. Dari pertanyaan yang mereka, disana aku hanya menjawab itu berhubungan dengan ‘luka’. Tentu saja pada awalnya mereka tidak mengerti maksud tentang itu.

Lalu aku suruh mereka coba cari tahu tentang stigmata sebagai clue untuk mencari tahu tentang hal tersebut. Mungkin sebagian dari kalian sudah ada yang tahu tentang stigmata itu. Itu adalah sebuah “TANDA”, namun tanda disana bisa mengandung banyak arti. Yang mana disini yang menjadi tanda itu berada dilangit.

Sebagian orang dulu menyebut itu Luka Langit.

Ada juga yang menginterpretasikannya sebagai pintu menuju langit ke-2.

Jika ditanya benar atau tidak, jawabannya benar untuk keduanya. Namun dibalik itu ada penjelasan yang perlu kalian pahami tentang 2 hal tadi. Agar bisa mengerti apa itu sebenarnya.

Pertama untuk ‘luka’, disana yang namanya luka itu bisa disebabkan oleh hal yang sengaja mau pun tidak disengaja. Dan jika dihubungkan dengan wujud itu bisa berlaku pada tubuh maupun jiwa. Kita anggap bumi adalah sebongkah tubuh, maka langit adalah kulitnya. Disana muncul pertanyaan, jadi apakah yang akan terjadi jika langit terluka?

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan itu kita masuk penjelasan kedua yaitu ‘pintu’. Jika kita tidak mengetahui apa yang menyebabkan langit teluka disana, clue yang terlihat adalah sinar. Digambar terlihat pada bagian tengah terpancar sinar seperti pelangi ditengah goretang luka langit tersebut.

Jika dijelaskan singkat itulah pintu dan disini pintu tersebut terlihat ketika luka dilangit muncul. Disebut ‘pintu’ namun apa yang akan terjadi ketika kita mencoba melewati pintu tersebut?

Untuk mengetahui itu, di postingan mendatang akan dijelaskan tentang “Langit kedua”. Untuk itu kita sudahkan penjelasan postingan sampai disini.

Sampai jumpa dipostingan selanjutnya!!!


[Fenomena] – Scar of Sky – Pintu Langit Ke-2? Luka langit?

[Hiburan] Most Accurate Predictions made by Scientists in the Past

8 Prediksi Ilmuwan saat iniLook At Here and remembered some of the most accurate prophecies were confirmed recently.

Nikola Tesla on smart watches and cellular

Nikola Tesla in 1908, described his project of a wireless communication towers, similar to the modern cell phone towers. Although he did not manage to implement his plans, it’s description is impressive today.

“Once the project is completed, the business people will be able to dictate instructions from New York, and they will immediately appear in his office in London or elsewhere. He can call from his workplace to talk to any telephone subscriber on the globe. Inexpensive tool, no more than a watch, will enable it’s owner to listen anywhere – at sea or on land – the music or song, the speech of a political leader, an outstanding scientist or a priest preaching located at a great distance. Similarly, can be transferred to any picture, symbol, image or text. “

Dmitri Mendeleev about the “non-existent” elements

Professor Dmitri Mendeleev published the first periodic table of chemical elements in 1869 . Working on the table , he repeatedly shifted cards with the elements making up the ranks of them similar in properties of elements , comparing the series with one another . As a result, he built a sequence of elements from mild to severe , but the table was empty cells : there had to stay still unknown elements . To give the predicted elements of “temporary” name , Mendeleev used the prefix “eka”, “motion” and “three” ( from the Sanskrit word “one” , “two” and “three” ), depending on how many positions down from already open element with similar properties was predicted element .

Scientific credibility table was confirmed very soon, and its discovery to the present day can be one of the best examples of forecasting. So in the years 1875-1886 were opened gallium ( eka-aluminum ) , scandium ( eka-boron ) and germanium ( ekasilitsy ) .

In 1871, Mendeleev predicted the existence of element located between thorium and uranium , and 30 years later was isolated protactinium . Table 1869 predicts the existence of a heavier analog of titanium and zirconium , and in 1871 appeared on this site lanthanum. Opening in 1923 confirmed the original assumption of hafnium Mendeleev.

Arthur C. Clarke on telecommunications satellites and the Internet

Arthur C. Clarke, the science fiction writer , best known for the novel ” 2001: A Space Odyssey ” contributed to the popularity of the idea that geostationary satellites are ideal for telecommunication transmitters. He first described it in a letter to the editor of Wireless World in February 1945 , and is now called the orbit of a geostationary orbit Clark or Clarke Belt in his honor.

But the truly visionary talent Clark revealed in the documentary BBC, where he describes the world of the XXI century.

“What if we try to imagine the city” day after tomorrow “, say, two thousand years? I think that it will be completely different. Actually, maybe it will never exist. No, I do not think about the nuclear catastrophe and the new stone age, I think about the incredible breakthrough that will be committed due to discoveries in the field of communication. In particular, I’m talking about transistors, and above all about communication satellites. These things will make possible a world in which we can immediately establish contact with each other, no matter where we were. We will be able to chat with friends all over the world, not even knowing where exactly is the man. Conduct their business, while in Tahiti or Bali, as well as from London, it may be already in this century (and perhaps in fifty years). Supervise anything can be from anywhere in the world regardless of the distance. I assume that sometime in Edinburgh surgeon can do brain surgery on a patient in New Zealand. When that time comes, the world literally shrinks to a single point, and the traditional role of cities as a meeting place for people cease to have any meaning. In general, people will no longer make business trips, they will be available anytime and anywhere. People will travel mostly not for money but for pleasure . “

Isaac Asimov on Wikipedia

American science fiction writer and popularizer of science , a biochemist in a conversation with a journalist rather accurately described the current process of learning on the Internet , suggesting the possible existence of a resource like ” Wikipedia ” or Quora.

“In the future, computers will be connected to a giant library, where anyone can ask any question and get an answer, and get reference material that is interesting to him directly. And no matter how many years and how the user will seem silly question him, he will be able to find an answer to it. And he can do it in your own home, with its speed, its own way, in their own time. Then everyone will enjoy the process of learning. After all, what is called the formation of now, is actually the violence. Forced to learn all the same , at the same time with the same speed and in the same spot – in the classroom. But everyone is different! For some, this process is too fast for someone too slow , for some it’s just not the way to go. But give them a chance as an elective to follow their passions . Between the first source of information and consumer information will not be a mediator . “

Predicting growth performance computers

For the 35th anniversary issue of Electronics Magazine, which came out in 1965, the director of the research department of Fairchild Semiconductor, Gordon Moore (who in 1968 co-founded the firm Intel) was asked to make a prediction about what will happen in the field of semiconductor components in the next 10 years. His response was appropriate in the article “squeezing even more components in integrated circuits”, dedicated to the progress of microelectronics over the years. Moore wrote that the emergence of new models of chips was observed after approximately one year after the predecessors, the number of transistors in each time they grew approximately twice. On this basis, he concluded that if this trend continues, the power of computing devices over a relatively short period of time can grow exponentially . This observation has been called – Moore’s Law . In 1975, Gordon Moore has made adjustments to their law , according to which a doubling of the number of transistors will take place every two years.

The forecast turned out to be incredibly accurate. On the chart above we can see the dependence of the number of transistors on a microprocessor chip from time to time. Note that the vertical axis has a logarithmic scale, that is, the straight line corresponds to an exponential law – the number of transistors to the present day really doubles approximately every 2 years. To evaluate the effect of Moore’s Law, it is enough to draw a parallel with the aviation industry. If the past 25 years it has developed as rapidly, now Boeing 767 aircraft would cost $ 500 and performed flyby of the globe in 20 minutes, spending less than 20 liters of fuel.

Gregor Mendel’s genetics

In 1856 Gregor Mendel – a monk , fascinated by the natural sciences , began to hold in the monastery garden extensive experiments on crossing plants ( especially among carefully selected varieties of peas ) and the elucidation of the inheritance of traits in the offspring of hybrids. In 1866 he published his article ” Experiments on Plant Hybrids “, which laid the foundations of genetics as an independent science . This is a rare case in the history of knowledge , when one article marks the birth of a new scientific discipline.

Work on hybridization of plants and study of inheritance of traits in the offspring of hybrids were performed before Mendel , but if they saw earlier in ” capricious play of forces of heredity ,” he revealed real scientific principles . Mendel developed and applied algebraic system of symbols and signs signs , which represents an important conceptual innovation.

Mendel formulated two laws of inheritance of traits, expressing the idea of ​​discreteness and binary hereditary that each feature is controlled by the maternal and paternal instincts pair (or genes, as they later came to be called). Inclinations pairing, pairing of chromosomes, DNA double helix – that is a logical consequence of the development of genetics and the path of the XX century, based on the ideas of Mendel.

Mendel’s work recognized only in 1900, after almost simultaneous publication of three articles nerds – H. de Vries, Correns K. and E. Cermak-Zeyzenegga independently confirm his data.

Alexis de Tocqueville about the Cold War

In 1831, French politician , future Minister of Foreign Affairs of France wrote a treatise on “Democracy in America “, which predicts a confrontation between Russia and the US in the future. So he wrote about Russia , as a society built on the autocracy , and see it as a kind of antipode of the United States :

“In today’s world there are two great people who, despite all their differences, the move appears to be a common goal. This Russian and Anglo-Americans. Both of these people suddenly appeared on the scene. <…> In America, to achieve the objectives rely on self-interest and give full play to the strength and the mind of man. As for Russia, it is possible to say that there is the whole force of society is concentrated in the hands of one person. In America, lies at the heart of freedom in Russia – slavery. They have different origins and different ways, but it is very possible that Providence secretly in store each of them to become the mistress of half the world. “

Robert Boyle about nanotechnology , transplantation and psychoactive substances

Physicist, best known for the development of the law of the behavior of gases (named after him). Robert Boyle had one of the most creative and insightful minds of the XVII century.

In 1661 the Irish chemist Robert Boyle published an article in which Aristotle denied the statement, according to which everything in the world consists of four elements – water, earth, fire and air. In his works, he said that “everything in this world is made up of corpuscles – super small parts, which in various combinations to form different substances and articles”, thus effectively anticipating the discovery of molecules. Boyle also introduced the concept of science in chemical element.

After his death in 1691, the Royal Society found handwritten text, which contains 24 predictions; some of them have already come true – to take at least “restoring youth through the acquisition of new teeth and hair”, “treatment of diseases at a distance by means of transplantation”, “long stay under water and implementation of life there.” At the same time, other ideas collaborator Boyle’s law – for example, “interspecies transmutation of minerals, plants and animals” and “life extension” – are at the forefront of nanotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

He also wondered about the possibility of creating a hypnotic , artificial stimulants , antidepressants and drugs , ” glorifying the imagination .”


[Hiburan] Most Accurate Predictions made by Scientists in the Past

Secret Cryptozoology


Ini Hanya dongeng.
Karna itulah tak perlu ada pembahasan disini.
Ini hanya bunga tidur……(((flowerseed)))

Pernahkah kau berpikir, jika jin, manusia, dan malaikat yang di sebarkan pada bumi dan segala dari bumi lainnya.., adalah mahkluk asing??

Dan pribumi dari dunia ini adalah mahkluk lain. Seperti :

Pada saat Adam-adam lain dan Hawa-hawa lain, belum di turunkan ke bumi. Dunia masih belum memiliki kehidupan fisik lainnya.

Dan setelah Adam dan Hawa di kebumikan, barulah tanaman dan hewan mulai terlihat.

Mungkin kalian anggap ini hanyalah khayalan dari sebuah game anak-anak.

Namun spore, memiliki arti yang penting akan suatu hal…

(bacteri yang berevolusi)

Ada orang bijak, pernah mengatakan. Semua kehidupan berasal dari lautan. Karna itulah laut, akan di anggap suci.

Dan dalam hadist pun di jelaskan :

Janganlah kamu memakan binatang yang bertaring dan penyuka hal-hal yang kotor. Karna sifatnya akan melekat padamu. Kecuali semua binatang yang berasal dari LAUT.

Ada apa dengan laut??
Mengapa di istimewakan??

Seperti bacteri yang berevolusi menjadi plankton kecil, lalu berevolusi kembali menjadi hewan molusca, lalu menjadi ikan, kemudian memiliki tangan dan kaki menjadi amphibi, lalu ia pun pergi ke daratan dan beradaptasi disana. Dan akhir dari evolusi, itu ia berubah menjadi hewan darat.

Banyak species tanaman, serangga, dan hewan yang tak ter identifikasi sebagai mahkluk yang berasal dari planet ini.

Kemudian para peneliti menamakan ia “Non Alien Creature”. Dalam sebuah ilmu Cryptozoology.

Namun hal yang paling mendasar adalah tentang terciptanya mahkluk itu, akibat proses evolusi bumi, mengelilingi matahari pada satu putaran penuh atau Origon.

Kehidupan yang ada di daratan atau udara, berasal dari laut. Aku rasa itu benar. Karna Malaikat, Jin dan Manusia adalah mahkluk asingnya.

Bagaimana bumi selalu mengajarkan kita untuk memulai suatu hal dari yang mendasar.

Kau tak bisa langsung menjadi bintang. Kau akan menjadi bulan yang slalu bergantung pada bintang.

Lalu suatu saat. Bulan itu akan memiliki cahayanya sendiri. Cahaya dari bintang-bintang yang pernah ia layani.

Begitupun dengan pribumi sesungguhnya. Mereka takkan langsung tercipta secara instans.

Melalui tahapan. Mereka berevolusi menjadi lebih baik lagi. Mereka merantau dari setiap penjuru lautan dan menuju ke daratan.


(sebagai mahkluk asing, seharusnya kita tak boleh mencemari tempat sakral mereka)



Secret Cryptozoology




Ini bukan artikel tentang sains, metafisik, atau spiritual..,
Hanyalah dongeng. Kau tahu dongeng??
Sesuai dengan maksud di atas. Tak perlu ada pembahasan apapun disini.
Hanya membaca. Hanya melihat. Dan mengambil maknanya.
Mungkin kau akan memilikinya juga.., tetapi suatu saat, kau akan melepaskannya.
Bagaikan sebuah teka-teki..,
Dongeng ini mulai memutar kembali kisahnya. . . . . . . .

Begitulah mereka memanggil diri mereka sendiri.
Tidak memiliki nama. Tidak memiliki tempat yang tetap.
Lalu.., darimana mereka mendapat julukan Phys??
Tentu saja, dari kisah dongeng ini.

Phys hidup berkelompok dan mereka saling bekerja sama, tanpa saling mengenal satu sama lain. Apa yang mereka yakini hanya satu. Diciptakan untuk bertahan hidup. Setiap kali mereka bertegur sapa dengan phys yang lain, mereka akan saling diam. Hanya melihat dan kemudian pergi.

Mungkin kita akan bertanya-tanya. Kenapa tidak ada komunikasi sama sekali disini??
Bagaimana Phys dapat hidup bersosial, tanpa adanya komunikasi. Bagaimana dia dapat tertarik pada lawan jenis. Bagaimana kelangsungan speciesnya dapat terjaga. Mereka pasti akan punah.

Melihat satu sama lain. Dan Phys mengambil kisahnya. Memasukan bentuk dan rupa teman mereka, untuk di putar dan di simpan dalam ruang kosongnya. Begitulah cara mereka mengenali teman dan lawan jenis.

Suatu saat Phys, membuat kotak yang melayang di langit. Tempat dimana ruang dan waktu mengurung mereka. Beberapa dari mereka menaiki kotak itu dan dengan kotak terbang yang melingkar, mereka berjumpa dengan ruang dan waktu yang kosong. Dimana lautan hitam bercahaya, dan juga batu-batu bundar raksasa, mengelilingi mereka, di setiap mata memandang.

Dan Phys..,
Hanyalah sebait dongeng. Tentang kejujuran, yang mencari kebohongan di lautan hitam bercahaya. Kenapa mereka harus mencari kebohongan. Tentu saja karna rasa keingintahuan mereka yang begitu besar.

Dan akhir dari kisah ini..,
Phys mengerti, arti dari sebuah ucapan.
Mungkin para Phys akan belajar berbohong juga.
Sehingga kisah tentang selembar kertas putih, telah ternodai titik hitam.
Titik hitam dari ucapan ego mereka…..