[ExP] 7 Most Common “Illusions” (Basic ver.)

Eye illusionIllusion – a distorted perception of reality. They are forced to believe in something that does not exist. This is very dangerous , because they surround yourself with people cease to grow, to aspire to the dream and make rash acts. The most common of illusions :

1 . I ‘ll do it later, just as long as I do not have time … (TIME ILLUSION)
This is the most popular illusion. There is no such thing as a “no time .” Time is always, and only you can decide how to dispose of them . If something is really important to you, you will find at this time automatically.

2 . I can reach their goal faster … (AIM ILLUSION)
Many aspire to get to your destination ahead of schedule. But this is impossible . Moving to the purpose you have to go through all the milestones . If you miss even one of them reached the goal is not meet your expectations.

3 . I control … (SELF ILLUSION)
You do not control absolutely nothing but our-own mind. Life at any time can give you unexpected surprises.

4 . I will be happy if … (DELIGHT ILLUSION)
Many people are mistaken in thinking that tomorrow will come, and there will be something good, the problem will be gone and they will be happy . You can be happy only in the moment , and if you can not find the reason for it right now, you will not find it in the future. Try to change your perception of the world and maybe you will see that in order to enjoy life, not necessarily wait for something.

5 . I can change the other … (ALTER ILLUSION)
One should not have the illusion that you ever be able to change the other person. You can only change your attitude towards him or encourage him to ensure that he tried to change himself.

6 . I’ll do it when … (SPOIL ILLUSION)
Do not kid yourself , inventing reasons to postpone your case until later. You can wait a whole year to come is your uncle, so he helped you pokleit wallpaper, but rest assured that when he comes, there a thousand problems that prevent you to do it. If you have a really important thing, get it now, otherwise you will never finish.

7 . I work out when I will have more power to it … (ARTIFICIAL ILLUSION)
If you want to exercise, start now, and if you do not want to do it, is not justified by false promises.

Seven illusion above just initial information for next post about illusion. So just wait another post in detail from this matter, and don’t forget to remember yourself about illusion itself.


[ExP] 7 Most Common “Illusions” (Basic ver.)

[ExP] 4 The Stangest City in this World

The Stangest City in this WorldCan you imagine a city or village, whose inhabitants suffer from an epidemic of the same mysterious illness of unknown origin? Or are centenarians? Or obsessed with the evil spirit? This is not a myth, such settlements are real and invariably the subject of interest from researchers. In this post, i’ll explain four of them. Let’s check one by one!!!

Yarumal - the city of AlzheimerYarumal – the city of Alzheimer

About one in ten of the 45 thousand inhabitants of this small town in the north of Colombia is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This sad fact is associated with the curse of the blind priest, who in Yarumale someone stole a box of donations for the construction of the temple.

Although, according to scientists, the whole thing is genetics problem. Several centuries yarumal people mainly Spanish peasants who lived in a closed community. Between them were consanguineous marriages are common, and probably the “bad” genes are passed down from generation to generation.

Today, among the patients la bobera “idiocy”, referred to herein as Alzheimer’s disease, there are not only old but also 30 years old men and women. Sometimes they have to care for elderly parents. For example, 80 years old Mercedes la bobera struck two daughters and a son. Apparently, the children were given a gene husband Mercedes, died of the same disease many years ago.

By the way, the brain Yarumal residents who died from Alzheimer’s, now studying at one of the laboratories of the University of Antioch , which is headed by a local native , a neurologist Francisco Lopera . He is working on the preparation of this terrible disease.

Campodimele - the city of centenariansCampodimele – the city of centenarians

The Italian town campodimele that is in the province of Latina at 150 kilometers from Rome, about 700 residents. But the percentage of people who turned 90 years of age, are higher than in any other village in Italy.

Experts from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, headed by Professor Marcello Arch found that all the inhabitants of the town there is a mutation of a gene that allows them to breakdown the body fat in a certain way and to maintain a low level of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, there is almost never occur cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

After historical research, scientists have concluded that the gene mutation went from some wealthy owner of the castle, who lived in the town in the XVI century. Apparently, much of the current campodimele people are it’s descendants.

Kalachi - sleeping cityKalachi – sleeping city

Villagers Kalachi – northern Kazakhstan region, some time ago suddenly inexplicably began to fall asleep and sleep soundly for a few days. Awakening accompanied by a partial loss of memory.

The first cases of “sleeping sickness” were recorded in the spring of 2013. In addition to drowsiness and loss of memory , local residents also complained of the state of weakness and hallucinations.

Patients had been diagnosed with “encephalopathy of unknown etiology”. Then they sought medical treatment 34 people, and 28 November 2013 the disease broke out in the neighboring village of Berezovka. Local residents also pursued cramps and fainting. By the end of the year the number of cases has reached 100 people.

All analyzes on background radiation, heavy metals and salts, bacteria and viruses were normal. One theory links the “sleepy phenomenon” that is located close to the abandoned urban village Krasnogorsk , where 60 and 90 – lies of the last century, mined uranium ore .

In the early 90’s production ended, mines closed down, but why the “effect” manifested itself after so many years ? Anyway, now the authorities have ordered to resettle the inhabitants of Kalachi in another place to stop the “epidemic”.

Kulob - city of DjinnKulob – city Djinn

Among the residents of the villages situated adjacent to the Tajik town of Kulob, it happened a whole epidemic of djinn possession .

According to local beliefs, women who are going to or have just got married or pregnant, are of particular interest to the otherworldly evil. Therefore, tradition requires them not to leave home after sunset, special diet , and do not stay home alone.

Recently, the local psychiatric ward turned five young women who have violated these prohibitions and their assurances of victims of the Djinn. They said that they had seen the night terrors, the same day to feel the presence of some invisible beings who even touch them.

Some unhappy prayers help them, others are forced to turn to doctors. However, they are in no hurry to attribute what is happening at the expense of the machinations of evil forces and believe that all the fault of hysteria and panic attacks caused by the fact of violation of a taboo.


[ExP] 4 The Stangest City in this World

[Random] Analog Google Glass in Japan

Smart glassThe Japanese company has developed Westunitis wearable mini computer Info-rod in the form of points, designed for use at work. Novelty can be analogous to Google Glass, designed for engineers, technicians , designers and others .

For imaging Info-rod applied liquid crystal panel production Kopin Corporation, giving the resolution 400 × 240 pixels. Special fixing visualization module allows you to change its position relative to the pupil , which provides a comfortable fit in a variety of conditions.

Analog google glass komponen

Mini computer is running an operating system Android 4.2. Embedded controllers wireless Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0 low energy (LE) allows to receive data from the located nearby smartphone or computer.

The hardware component Info-rod includes 1GB of RAM , a flash chip with a capacity of 8 GB , a processor with low power consumption and a set of sensors which include a triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor. Also provided a 2- megapixel camera to record high-definition videos in Full HD at 30 frames per second.

Simulator google projection

Manage Info-rod possible through voice commands or through a special touch panel in the temporal region. The device is made of waterproof housing. The main module weighs 48 grams , and the weight of the gadget, along with a frame and lenses do not exceed 100 g.

Power is provided by lithium- ion polymer battery capacity of 300 mA • h . Her charge will last for one hour of intensive work – for example, continuous shooting HD- video and transfer of materials wirelessly to an external device . Points are equipped with an additional capacitor , supporting the work of the mini- computer for three minutes, which is quite enough to replace the main battery.

Info-rod can be useful, for example to display the different instructions in real time, generation tips when performing engineering work and other function. In the sale of novelty will arrive this summer for around 1500 dollars. Before the year is planned to realize about 5 000 copies Inforod, and in 2015 the developer expects to increase deliveries to 10 000 units.


[Random] Analog Google Glass in Japan

[ExP] In the Brain ~ On and Off of Consciousness ~

brain world mechanismEach of us loses consciousness on a regular daily basis : a condition called sleep. But scientists have never been able to understand what part of the brain controls when we are awake and when not. Now, it seems they managed to solve the puzzle – and quite by accident , during observations of a patient with epilepsy. Experiments with electronic stimulation of the brain allowed the scientists to turn on and off this kind of switch.

During the study of the brain of the patient electrode depth, researchers from George Washington University placed one of them in Claustrum – a thin layer of neurons, located between the large structures of the brain. This area has never before to explore the depths electrodes.

When this area was directed high-frequency electric signal, the patient lost consciousness: And unlike an epileptic fit when the person immediately ceases all activity, she began to “slow down” to say everything quietly and move slowly to a halt and immobility during which she did not answer the questions, and visual stimulation. Technically, she was unconscious and completely returned to normal without any memories of that time, as soon as the electrical stimulation was discontinued to Claustrum.

This discovery has great potential for use in patients with seizure disorders or borderline states of consciousness, but now it is in a very early stage : today this “switch” has been tested by only one person. However, the detection zone of the activation of consciousness is extremely important for a deeper understanding of the work of our brain , says researcher on the project in this matter.

“In the limit, if we know how consciousness arises, and what parts of the brain involved in this process, we will be able to understand who he is and who is not. Is there a consciousness in robots ? And human embryos ? Do the consciousness of cats, dogs or worms ? This discovery is incredibly intriguing, but it’s just one brick in a huge building of consciousness, which we seek to build.”


[ExP] In the Brain ~ On and Off of Consciousness ~

[Tutorial] 10 Ways To Know How To Recall A Past Life? (Basic)

Past lifeThere are many ways to get acquainted with past lives . I present to you some of them .

1. Detective past lives

Keys to past lives can be found in the bottom of this . This is an excellent way to find , does not require entry into altered states of consciousness . It is also a very effective way to open the door for spontaneous memories. Exercise is to find “evidence” in this life , of which can be folded like a puzzle the picture.

It should be written on a piece of paper the following topics:
● Children playing
● Occupation
● Attire talents and abilities
● Architecture
● Race and ancestry
● Favorite Book Books and movies
● Countries
● Pets
● Climate
● Character and Demeanor
● Culture
● Fears and Phobias
● The historical epochs and events
● Injuries , illness and scars
● Dream’s Deja vu

Next, you will analyze your preferences and habits , favorite hobbies , favorite movies, all that strikes a chord and interest from you . From this you gather all the necessary tips and fold the big picture. Drawing will be shown when you gather all the ” evidence” together.

How can I check its accuracy ? How can you distinguish between a simple fascination of the inner voice? Listen to your inner intuition – intuition.

Even if the picture is not clear beginning , the subconscious , sooner or later it will tell you the way to understanding .

Example : “I was fascinated since childhood war films could look out the clock , always aroused great emotional response . Also often had dreams about war, about 2 times a month . As it turned out , in my previous life I was a soldier in the war ”

2. Follow the feeling

This technique helps to find his former life . First, define an area of your life that needs improvement . Consider the following :

What are my relationships with other people ?

What is my health?

Do I have financial difficulties ?

Talents and abilities that I want to activate

Name the problem in your life over which you want to work . Allow yourself to become aware of the feelings and emotions that are associated with this area . Determine where and what feelings they cause in your body. For example, you can feel the horror as squeezing chest or difficulty breathing . And now ” walk ” through your body and mark the feelings associated with the problem over which you want to work .

For example, you are unhappy with your father because he mistreated you when you were a kid and you want to forgive him . Think about his father and about the treatment because you suffered . Now go to the imaginary journey deep into his body – Find where your body is localized negative emotions . You can feel them like a lump in the breast. Then, focus all your attention in the center of the chest and imagine that you can “see sense ” in his body . What may be the color, size, shape ?

In answering these questions , you activate the accumulated memories in your body , fix your attention on them . This is a very effective technique , since the memories are not just in your mind – the memory of past lives is in your body. Using the body for understanding past lives – a unique way !

3. Mirror

For this technique, you’ll need a mirror. Sit down and relax. In the dimly lit room, looking at his reflection in the mirror. It may begin to change and you will see how you look in a previous life . Periodically close your eyes and ” see ” images to arise spontaneously .

Open your own mind to the endless possibilities of your own past.

4. Dreams

Dreams bring us valuable information not only about the events of the present but also the past. These mysterious messages of reason may carry a warning or become a means of creative inspiration .

Night vision can become a gateway to the mystical sphere where there are traveling to other dimensions . They can serve as a springboard for astral travel and exploration of the soul.

Dreams can be a door leading through time and space in your past life .

There said : “As a child I had a dream . I see a wounded shell-shocked man who stands next to a plantation around the 18th century , winter, bitterly cold for some senses it seemed France . I first saw a picture of the part and then I kind of starting to understand what it is I and penetrates the body and feel all its pain and understanding that this is the end . For a moment, I even began to see the memories of his life. Actually I do not even call it a dream for many it was all real, and a picture is worth before my eyes until now. “

5. Ask your relatives

Not all born, forget your past experience. The best example – it is our children. They are living witnesses of past lives. They can tell us about who they were in a previous life, you are connected with each other, why they chose you to their parents.

There said : “My son is 3 years old described how he built the wall, but the soldiers came and started to ruin everything. It is all shot, and he was shot. Then came the details of what had been a small child. And he loves my sister, my aunt, but rarely sees her. And one day he said, it is your mother? – No, she’s my sister. – No, she’s my mother!

And in two years, he saw a picture on the theme of Napoleon in Egypt and said, ” I was there !” And then , at 3 he was ” sick” Napoleon ! He sat for hours and watched an adult 4 – part film about it , learned it by heart , dressed as Napoleon , a lot of talk about it and ask. It was a whole saga . Perhaps he served in his army?”

6. Tales

Think and remember what you read fairy tales as a child and watched . Which characters do you associate yourself? What do you like most? The plot of the fairy tale can bring you to the script of one of your incarnations.

There said : “I saw a fairy tale (fragment) ” Golden Hoof ” , the guards cut out coins collected hoof , happy , and then the coins turned into shards . I was one of the guards . I feel frustrated . And felt the same way , if the money issue is in the foreground , the money does not bring happiness and become shards . We just hold it in their hands and not bringing us to address the issues , they will disappear . “

7. Date of Birth

Tibetan researchers found a link between the date of birth of the person and his past incarnations , from which they developed astrology karma. At an international conference about karma and a report astrologer Alexander Rempel on the connection date of birth, personal totem , and human destiny . Date of birth can be found who you were in the past incarnation, where they lived , and other useful information .

It should be recognized that the treatment of the Tibetan way of embodiments Slavic theory and classical astrology in several different recommendations , and yet you can learn about its incarnations .

8. Divination

Guessing on his past life , as it turns out , it can be different : tarot cards , stones , all kinds of horoscopes, allow for special tables to obtain information about one or more previous incarnations .

9. Positions on Hellinger

The system works the same as in the classical constellations Hellinger method . Since the individual generic setups , you can gradually move to work over the past incarnations . To do this, just unbending intent and precise performance requirements of a specialist working with the program .

10. Reincarnation

Reincarnation – a journey into the past life. It is intended for everyone , for anyone who wants to better understand. Anyone interested to know why he was born now, in this country , that these parents, and why his life was going just as composed .

Reincarnation – a way to connect to the Universal Internet. Connect , ask questions , get answers. That’s Reincarnation .

How is this way of knowing past lives special?

In Reincarnation has undeniable advantages :

Simplicity, brevity , clarity method that allows you to remove the veil of fear and mysticism with themes of reincarnation , thus opening the truth about life, death and evolution.

The ability to perceive everything in the session itself , which increases the level of confidence in the person to receive information.

Out in the space between life and getting tips from the spiritual mentors of a harmonious passage of life situations, and lessons. Healing canvas reincarnations.

Environmentally friendly method – the ability to follow the guidance of the Spiritual Masters in the session, without adding too much from yourself.

Retrieving the resource states and the introduction of energy in the present moment.

Simple and clear decompression abilities and talents which have been accumulated in past lives, and their immediate implementation.

Entering a new evolutionary level of the Soul and the expansion of consciousness.


[Tutorial] 10 Ways To Know How To Recall A Past Life? (Basic)

[ExP] ~Black Magic Origins~ describe your own existence!

Atlantis WorldThe ancient Toltecs were just obsessed with magic and many of them used it for their own selfish interests. Thus, the lack of freedom of self-importance turned them into black magicians and sorcerers. Details about this are in the eastern esoteric doctrine, which describes the appearance of black magic on the continent of Atlantis, the most powerful nation of which were ancient Toltecs – ancestors of the Aztecs, Mayas and many other Indian tribes.

That sense of self-importance is a trait axis delimiting magic on black and white. For example I call black magic based on a sense of self-importance, the magic of “external intentions” in contrast to the magic of “internal goal” based on “the path of the Heart.” It was destroyed once Atlantis and other Antediluvian civilization : “As you know, the ancient civilization perished. From them there were only fragments of buildings like the Egyptian pyramids, and vague echoes of some secret magical knowledge. People who have mastered the power of an external intention, gained too much power, and so we were not just punished and destroyed the equilibrium forces. Such civilizations like Atlantis, was set example of them. Every time, when people took possession of the external force intentions, they forget that they are the only guests. As you know, presumptuous guest expelled out.”

Thus, the main cause of death of Atlantis and other antediluvian civilizations was an imbalance of natural disasters caused by illiterate psychoenergetic and technological impact on the environment of the Earth.

Our modern civilization is already close to that boundary violations of the natural balance, which reached Atlanta before his death. On the one hand illiterate technocratic activity leads to the loss of many plant and animal species, the emergence of many diseases. On the other hand – imposed on humanity lifestyle predator fixated on a sense of self-importance, of almost any ordinary person turns into a black magician, who assuming a negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, upsets the balance of energies of the Earth. Only the culture of living in harmony with nature are able to maintain this balance.

Someone write about this : “Shamans are aware of the need to maintain the balance of nature and what nature blooms when applied force required to balance. But when the balance is broken because of the greed and unpardonable operation – nature rebels – . The crisis, which is the face of the modern world, shamans are not a surprise. This is the result of an imbalance, which has resulted in a disrespectful attitude to nature, and this imbalance will inevitably lead to a loss of strength.”

But if we return to Atlanta, it should be noted that not all of the Toltecs were obsessed with black magic. Among them were “soldiers of freedom“, get rid of bondage to their sense of self-importance, and therefore unable to get to the “snares” black magic. It went from them and “seeing a new cycle“. Many see no fundamental difference between the magic of the ancient Toltec knowledge and Teachings of Don Juan. It described therefore many other mistakenly attributed Don Juan and magicians of his line to the “black” type.

To come to such a conclusion can only be acquainted with one of the certain book. However “teaching” becomes remarkable harmony and consistency only after a careful analysis of this book, especially since much of this teaching, the writer himself grasped only at the end of his apprenticeship, when he opened the true meaning of the events occurring to them without their distortion “mental dialogue” customized ordinary perception by the narrow confines of stereotypes and dogmas.

Call Don Juan’s teachings black magic consciously could only those who benefit to humanity is free of self-importance, and remained a prisoner of eternal beings with human predators stupid and brainless animals to volunteer their knowledge . It is no accident at all times in the teachings, which give the opportunity to see the path to freedom, that carried out to targeted attacks by puppet biorobots directed by these entities.

However, it is fair to note that not only the persecutors, but many of the fans of this book did not understand the main point of his books in the “teachings of Don Juan.” After all, dogmatism and fanaticism are opposite aspects of self-importance, and therefore, both – actively cultivated entities predators among mankind. Blow away any fanatical worship without understanding the essence of the teaching, freedom from self-importance and self-pity, that is freedom from “predators-flyers” devouring our awareness, opens the way to limitless perfection of a free person, get rid of it as a “bio-robots” and “zombies”, Imposed upon us by these evil beings.

This is the way to achieve full awareness of the reality around us, and awareness of themselves as a “luminous beings,” endowed by the Creator with free will and free choice of their own destiny, as opposed to an afterthought to the existence of biological appendages technical devices (bio-robots). This is the path to true freedom from restricting our consciousness and our existence is imposed upon us by dogmas and stereotypes “programs”, and even the behavior of freedom from the constraints of space and time.

The ability of human beings have virtually no restrictions. But we made ​​it to “forget” and inspired us to ultimacy of our abilities and the finiteness of our existence. And only breaking these limits using ‘barriers’ , and then we enter the realm of human knowledge to rediscover for us the ‘hidden’ skills and abilities.

There is explaination : “Self-awareness – is the state of our souls, connecting thread of Life and Death, Reveal and otherworldly. We can say that self-consciousness – is a gift which the person possessing holds the keys of all the worlds, becomes a “citizen” of the universe . . .  Self-consciousness is life – a complete, all-pervasive, all-encompassing. It is only necessary to realize their ability to realize. Become a creator of your own life, for we are created in the image and likeness of God, released the creative gift of life creation, and Destiny. But this gift is necessary to cultivate, nurture and develop not make up for the wretched existence of a neighbor, do not look at the always ready to express their opinion about your thinking. And you’ll see how your identity will be revealed as a will that can be change your destiny, and how to change your environment.”

Otherwise, yielding invisible entities antics predators and generally accepted misconception of others, we allow them to trample us that “spark of God“, which distinguishes free human beings from restriction of biological organisms, “Once we broke the once self-extinguished in us – everything! We cease to be human. We become thus intermediate between creature and another one, which is so long ago, and in vain looking for paleontologists. And then another mechanism of our existence, for it was the existence of a mechanically move . . . A mysterious force begins to drag on potholes and bumps, driving in unnecessary situations, but it is the usual things. So people become extras in a play other people’s destinies, extras in the theater of life . They can not know their role, the more the idea of the play. They will adjust, hailed, driven on, by some chance they will knock out of the overall design . Because they have lost the right to own role in betraying the most important thing in their soul – co-creation to the Creator.”

It is this gray mass and is the field of predatory beings from other worlds. Increased awareness of the magicians enabling them to achieve a certain degree of freedom, such as the limitations of the world of everyday awareness. But “new seers” could avoid the pitfalls that magicians were in other realities and worlds fail. Only a complete rejection of self-importance can guarantee the achievement of this freedom.

This is the main difference between “seeing a new cycle” of the ancient Toltec magicians whose art although it is a step forward compared with the ordinary knowledge, but nevertheless it did not guarantee them the freedom of entities from other worlds, including such non stay- predators. And many of them are so changed their nature in the magical operations shift to the assemblage point, so the perception that they themselves transformed into inorganic beings become reality.


[ExP] ~Black Magic Origins~ describe your own existence!


Berbagi cerita wattpad kembali. Kali ini ceritanya agak horror dan thriller. Hampir mirip dengan kisah “dunia yang hancur” di movie-movie…..  :3

Tapi hancur gara-gara sosmed.
Kok bisa??
Terjadi kiamat kecil, cuma gara-gara sosmed??

Itu masih misteri…
“Selamat membaca……  ^^


Gofatik Project..,
[Original Story By ARC]
Gendre : Thriller, Sci Fi, Mystery, and Fiction.



KEGELAPAN… ,, .. .. ,… ,… .. .  .   . . .    .., .. .  . .   . ,   . ,. . . , . .  ..  , .

Kisah ini dimulai sebulan yang lalu.

[sosmed fatality]


Aku tinggal di kawasan kotamu. Menetap di dalam sebuah rumah yang dihuni oleh keluarga sederhana. Ada Ayah, Ibu, Kakak, dan Adik. Menempati satu rumah bertingkat dua lantai saja. Aku berumur 22 tahun. Mahasiswa tingkat akhir di fakultas informatika, sebuah perguruan tinggi.

Suatu ketika di kampus.., aku sedang berjalan untuk menuju ruang koridor dekat ruang tata usaha fakultasku. Di kursi ruang koridor, teman-teman angkatanku sedang berkumpul ria, membahas sesuatu yang kelihatannya asyik. Aku dekati mereka dan menanyakan apa yang sedang mereka perbincangkan sambil tersenyum-senyum melihat handphone mereka.

“Kau harus download aplikasi sosmed terbaru. Ini aplikasi sosmed paling kocak dan goKILL abis! Jawab Dio, salah seorang teman kampusku.
“Nama aplikasinya apa?? Aku penasaran.

“+END! Jawab Dio dengan singkat. Aku berpikir. Nama aplikasi itu agak unik dan aneh. Aku kemudian mencarinya di Play Store, lalu aku download aplikasi yang lumayan besar itu. Sambil menunggu hasil download, aku baca status-status orang lain yang memberikan bintang pada aplikasi ini.

Status mereka semua menyatakan aplikasi ini bagus, namun ada beberapa orang yang berkomentar aneh, dan memberi bintang satu sampai tiga.

Bintang Satu.
Komentar :
Aplikasi Apaan nih?? Masa kagak bisa di uninstall?

Bintang Satu.
Komentar :
Bikin pulsa gua abis nih aplikasi. Pemberitahuan tiap detik. Please deh, uninstallnya gimana?

Bintang Dua.
Komentar :
Please Team Play Store. Pembuatnya yang ngaku si “HE” ini tolong blokir aja dia. Masa bagi-bagi aplikasi sosmed baru, yang kagak bisa di uninstall.

Bintang Tiga.
Komentar :
Njirr.., keren nih aplikasi. Udah Handphone di install ulang juga masih nempel.

Bintang Satu.
Komentar :
Yang buat nih aplikasi pasti iblis….   😀

Aku tercengang mendengar komentar mereka, tentang aplikasi ini, yang kenyataannya baru luncur hari ini. Tadinya aku sempat berpikir untuk menghentikan download, karna aku paling benci pada aplikasi yang bervirus, namun kenapa aku jadi ragu-ragu ketika proses download disana sudah mencapai 99%.

Kemudian aku membaca keterangan lengkap aplikasi ini. Di keterangan itu menuliskan..,

Sosmed terbaru dan paling goKILL diantara yang lainnya. Kamu tidak harus mengisi menu login. Kamu bebas curhat apapun, tapi sistem filter kami masih berlaku.

Namamu takkan di ketahui oleh siapapun. Kamu terhubung dengan semua orang di seluruh dunia yang menggunakan juga aplikasi ini. Kamu dapat melihat deretan status masuk setiap detiknya. Tapi kami tak menyediakan menu, tandai dan like.

Bergabunglah dengan +END. Akhir dari sosial media. Hidupmu akan berubah dan takkan membosankan lagi.

Fitur :
Auto translate puluhan bahasa di berbagai belahan dunia.
Anonymous. Kamu dan orang lain adalah tanpa nama dan tanda pengenal.
Free Long text. Kamu bisa menempelkan text tulisan hingga panjangnya dapat seperti 12 lembar text times roman ukuran 12 microsoft word.
Icon Animated.
Upload Images and Video.

Created by HE Organization…

Setelah Aku mendapatkan gambaran dan penjelasan tentang aplikasi +END ini, yang di buat oleh organisasi bernama HE, tanpa diketahui lokasi dan alamat negaranya. Aku sempat berkhayal, bagaimana jika Aku satukan kedua nama aneh itu, menjadi suatu kata..,

+END dan HE, menjadi  +HE END. Dan jika tanda “Plus” itu dapat di ibaratkan huruf “T”, maka  “THE END”.

Ku kirim lima bintang dan aku memberi ledekan kecil disana :

Akhir dari sosial media. Kwakawakawakawkawkwaaaa…..”

Aku sempat kaget. Tak berapa lama waktu berselang, HE mengirim balasan.
“Good Boys…!!!

Organisasi itu mungkin memberi selamat, karna aku yang lebih dulu tahu tentang arti dari simbol kata dalam aplikasi mereka.


Ending Story ARC :

+ END. .. ,. .
+ END. .. ., ..
+ END….  3x

Darah yang mengalir di tubuhmu, adalah tintanya.
+ END..,
Jangan terlalu banyak mengungkapkan, sembunyilah selagi sempat.
+ END. . ,. .. ,.. .

+ END. .. ,. .
+ END. .. ., …. …. , , … ,. … ,, … ,, .., . .. .   .
+ END…. . , … ,. . ,  .. ,. ., , . ,. . , ,. .  , .. … ,  . . . . ., ..  3x


Penasaran dengan lanjutannya??
Lihat di wattpad saya. Dan jangan lupa bintangnya…. :3
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