[ExP] One Body – Many Souls (Story)

One body many soulsThe cases of split personality aren’t found so rare. Modern psychiatry calls it dissociative disorder. Meanwhile, every fourth inhabitant of the globe regularly hears in his head voices , and more than 40% experienced that phenomenon at least once. How to live with this problem ?

William Stanley Milligan during the trial

Over the last century , there are 163 officially registered episode split personality . The most famous was the phenomenon of William Stanley Milligan . In the 70s of the last century Milligan was arrested in Ohio for the commission of a series of robberies and rapes. During the investigation it was found that Milligan was mentally ill and in the body of his ” living ” 24 different personalities , who knew nothing about each other. Among them, a little girl named Christy , the Yugoslav Communist rage , and finally 19 -year-old lesbian Adalah . That she committed the crime. So, once Milligan , you feel at that moment Adalanoy , entered the territory of the student campus and , threatening with a pistol , stole a few girls there . The offender took them to the forest and abused them. The court found him insane , and now the 59 -year-old Milligan is located within the walls of a psychiatric clinic .

In Oklahoma, lives a woman named Doris Fisher. 30 years ago, Doris got along just five entities. All of them were female and had the names, nicknames: “This Doris,” “sluggish Doris”, “ill Doris”, “Margarita” and “Sleeping Margarita.” Most trouble his “mistress” delivered the essence named Margarita. She tore pages from books and even soiled clothes could purposely cut himself with a knife. Of course, the injury received while “True Doris.” Oddly enough, the girl was able to cure. I did this medium who “kicked” out of her body all the spirits that allegedly moved in there.

Another curious case – a kind of Shirley Mason, which is inhabited by four entities with different personality traits and intelligence . It dominates all aggressive Sally, who knew everything about the other and constantly harassed them as I could. So , it could go a long way in the last bus out of town and there is ” reincarnated ” in another “I” , which was forced to find a way to get home at night .

Dr. Morton , who treated Shirley Mason, tried to use hypnosis to combine all four into one personality . But Sally did not yield , calling himself a spirit , not a man . In the end, Morton managed to persuade her to leave the girl’s body , while the other three persons become one .

A friendly ” family”

Personality Kimi Sands

Most recently, the press reported 23 -year-old Briton Kimi Sands . She claims that in her body live … 15 different people ! And among them are not only women but also men .

The first symptoms of mental disorder were recorded Kimi was three years old .

But just 20 years doctors officially diagnosed her . To date, Kimi ” live ” 15 persons of different sex , age and social status .

Most of all, as she tells the girl , her body ” grab ” the 22- year-old Japanese chef Sato , 17 -year-old Fiona , obsessed with a healthy lifestyle , twins Jack and four-year Seyfer , 23 -year-old Yorkshireman , and 15 -year-old bisexual Theodore.

” Mistress ” of the body is necessary to lead a life which takes into account the interests of all ” entity settling .”

– I struggled to all the individual feel comfortable – said Kimi . – For example, Fiona insists on the presence of vegetarian food in the refrigerator , and the boys do not like to see themselves in dresses .

But the real issue for me is Theodore : he uses my ID to buy alcohol, and the next morning I wake up with a splitting hangover head. Because of him , I lost in the whole bar in the evenings .

Despite the strangeness of Kimi , she has a boyfriend

By Christmas Kimi Sands has to buy 16 different gifts – for itself and its “guests” . Someone like a bottle of alcohol , and someone – a toy .

When Kimi goes for gifts in the shop, sellers are not aware of the underlying problem , sure she gets the presents to someone else – for example, for your parents , children or younger siblings .

Despite the ” strangeness ” Kimi , she has a boyfriend – 24 -year-old Chris .

– Romance is available only between me and Chris , but sometimes I let him kiss and hug Koumi being gay – recognized Ms. Sands . – Some of my personalities flirt with each other : recently , Theo , who has a page on social networks , Fiona suggested register on Facebook, so they can say about their relationship .

Invisible “interlocutors”

As for the people who hear voices in his head, the members of the international group of Intervoice believe that this is not always a sign of mental illness.

Scientists and doctors say: a prerequisite for the emergence of the voices in my head are experienced person strong shock or injury. After that, people begin to hear voices in 70% of cases, and often the voice of “owned” is the one who caused them injury or was in some way connected with it … Some people think that they are talking with his second “I”. This usually occurs at the time of stress or when a person commits any act for which feels guilty.

In October last year in Thessaloniki was the sixth annual festival for those who hear voices . It was attended by over 200 people from around the world that are told about how they manage to coexist with their ” buddies .”

For some Rachel Vedinghem first heard voices when I was a student . It seemed that in the next room three men talk about what it ugly and that she should kill herself … When she entered the room , no one was there .

After that, she began to hear voices all the time. Rachel stopped to chat with friends , he began to abuse alcohol , and finally landed in a psychiatric hospital . For eight months, she took drugs , and her voice is not disturbed. But as soon as she stopped taking them , the voice sounded again. And over time, ” buddy ” has increased . Now there are thirteen , says Rachel . Among them – a woman, a teenager and a child of three , who belong to the ” owner ” aggressive and angry words said to her , reminding of the biggest fears of her childhood . Sometimes they manage to reassure reading them bedtime stories . Sometimes the voices offer Rachel someone hurt because the person is dangerous for her . But she replied that take care of itself …

Rachel manages to cope with the situation, but many people completely obey seized brain “interlocutors”, perform the actions that are dictated to them, may even kill someone or yourself on their orders. They are convinced that they are controlled by God, the devil or some otherworldly entity.

One of the most famous carriers votes – Joan of Arc, nicknamed the Virgin of Orleans. When Joan was 13 years old in her native village of Domremy he attacked a detachment of the Burgundians. Apparently, the girl experienced a lot of stress, and then began to tell that it is the archangel Michael and St. Margaret and Catherine, who talked to her. They allegedly told Joan to go to the Dauphin and to demand that he put it at the head of the troops , leading a battle with the British. We know the result : the army under the leadership of Joan managed to win many victories , including the release of the besieged Orleans , she helped the Dauphin ascend to the throne of France under the name of King Charles VII, but instead of gratitude, it burned at the stake … In 1920, Joan of Arc was canonized . Nowadays it could be patient psychiatric hospital .

– If people feel that their voices are omnipotent , can harm and manage , they are less likely to cope with it and more likely to end up as patients with mental disorders – says the organizer of the congress , ” hearing voices” Georgatsa Eugene , a senior lecturer at the University Aristotle in Thessaloniki. – If they can agree with the ” entity settling ” to deal with them is the first step to learning how to live with them .

Should not be taken as a sign of auditory hallucinations crumbling psyche , convinced members of Intervoice. In most cases, you can control the “essence” of invading your mind and do not let them gain the upper hand over you .

[ExP] One Body – Many Souls (Story)

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