[Fenomena] PES (Phantom Eye Syndrome)

PESSome people who lost their eye claim they “see” the strange phantom images. It is known that amputees often feel the so-called “phantom sensations.”

Much more strange manifestation of this phenomenon occurs in people who have lost one eye – they “see” some mysterious images of the eye , which no longer exists or missing eyes feel any other way . Researchers from certain university recently conducted the largest study on the so-called “phantom eye syndrome“, which was attended by 239 patients who had lost an eye as a result of cancer .

It turned out that 60 percent of these patients are familiar with phantom experiences in varying degrees – from inexplicable visual perceptions to this hallucination .

Sometimes these visions included images of people standing in a field of view of the patient. And hallucinations are most common for young people , and pain in the absence of eye – for those who are depressed or depressed.

Meanwhile, the causes of the phenomenon of ” phantom eye” remain a mystery from medical perspective.

But if we look in different point of view there are clue to explain this phenomenon. Try to confrim again what the cause and the result from this PES phenomenon.

#Clue 1 : Phantosmia

Phantosmia is an olfactory hallucination. A hallucination is the sensory perception of something with no basis in reality, as opposed to an olfactory illusion, which is a misinterpretation of a physical stimulus; in the case of an odor it is known as parosmia. Phantosmia is the perception of a smell in the complete absence of any physical odor. The perceived odor can range from pleasant to disgusting. Although the causes of phantosmia are uncertain, it often occurs with neurological and psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, mood disorders, Parkinsons disease, epilepsy, neuroblastoma, and frequent migraines.

#Clue 2 : Anosognosia

Anosognosia is viewed as a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers a certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability. It was first named by the neurologist Joseph Babinski in 1914. Anosognosia results from physiological damage to brain structures, typically to the parietal lobe or a diffuse lesion on the fronto-temporal-parietal area in the right hemisphere. Whilst this distinguishes the condition from denial, which is a psychological defense mechanism, attempts have been made at a unified explanation. Both anosognosia and denial are almost always connected with damage in the right hemisphere. Split-brain research suggests that this asymmetry points to a neurological answer. Anosognosia is sometimes accompanied by asomatognosia, a form of neglect in which patients deny ownership of their limbs.

#Clue 3 : Clairvoyance

The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses, i.e., a form of extrasensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”).

Claims for the existence of paranormal and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance have not been supported by scientific evidence published in high impact factor peer reviewed journals. Parapsychology explores this possibility, but the existence of the paranormal is not accepted by the scientific community. Parapsychology, including the study of clairvoyance, is an example of pseudoscience.

(Resources : wiki)

With 3 hints above, you can imagine what is PES in true meaning! This phenomenon like curse and bless in the same time for the one who experienced it. But i’ll not explain it in detail, you must find the answer within that clue and the conclusion will appear by itself.


[Fenomena] PES (Phantom Eye Syndrome)

[ExP] Sable – A Mysterious Island?

Sable IslandFar to the north-west where the waters of the warm Gulf Stream meets the cold waters of the Labrador Current is a mysterious island name Sable. Sable island stretches for 24 miles from east to west in the form of a long narrow formation on the surface of the ocean. The nearest seaport city in Canada from the island about 120 miles . This dark and mysterious island experienced sailors called the ” graveyard of the Atlantic sea ” or ” island of shipwrecks .”

Mysterious features mysterious island has long interested scientists. In the early twentieth century, they found that the western side of the island is constantly being eroded because of the strong sea currents . But on the east side of the island , everything happens the other way around . There are constantly emerging sand bars , which are common to all the laws of physics can not appear. The most interesting thing is that as a result of these unexplained processes Long Island remains almost unchanged. But the island itself is slowly but relentlessly moving east.

As it was established researchers for 200 years, the island has moved slowly on the oceans more than 10 miles. The island moves at an average speed of about 200 meters per year. Every island, rising above the ocean waves, is the pinnacle of the seamount. The base of the hill is associated with tectonic plates that create a mosaic of the globe. Conventional island can not move faster than the moving tectonic plate, which is attached to the base of the island. A tectonic plates move at an average speed of only a few millimeters per year.

Sable Island quite a bit raised above sea level, and its height is almost unchanged. Notice to the island by a ship coming, especially with the active agitation of the ocean is absolutely impossible. Over Sable almost the whole year is a terrible weather with frequent rain and thick fog. And only one month a year, usually in July, the ocean becomes calm and set great weather. The biggest trouble lies in wait for inexperienced sailors and ship captains – reefs and shoals. The reefs here are amazing property – is no different from the color of the sea water and therefore almost indistinguishable.

It’s hard to say how many ships suffered here wreck. Under a thick layer of sand here, probably buried and Viking boats and Portuguese and Spanish caravels and galleons laden with riches and fishing boats, and military frigates and fishnet yacht … In the spring of 1939 in the area of ​​the island long raged unusually strong hurricanes and storms. As a result of bad weather on the island formed a huge and very deep hole. On the island I was sent to a research expedition that found in the resulting scour the remains of eight ships. Among them was the skeleton of an antique gallery.

In the mid- twentieth century to ensure safety of navigation in the area of ​​Sable Island Government of Canada arranged a weather station on the island , and have established a powerful beacon . On a weather station in shifts worked twenty. Later, most of the devices have switched to automatic operation. We were forced to do it. Because very often the weather station employees began to happen accidents. Often, for no reason many attendants broke legs, others ran into protruding from the sand rusty pieces of iron. According to unconfirmed reports some observers on duty at all disappeared in a sudden appear on the surface of the island. The result of the island left only works in automatic mode, like the beacon. Since the accident near the island ceased.

According to researchers of anomalous phenomena , Sable Island is extraterrestrial research probe, abandoned on an unknown planet highly developed civilization . This extraterrestrial research robot collects information about the technical level of earthlings. Exploring trapped in wrecked ships , it defines the level at which the equipment is the world’s inhabitants . To contact the robot with an unknown civilization once a year and is set on the island of beautiful weather .


[ExP] Sable – A Mysterious Island?

[Fenomena] “Kota Hantu?” – Tempat yang diabaikan oleh yang ber-Nyawa

Kota Hantu~ “See above, there is cloud circulate in ‘THAT’ place. Where something hidden reside!” ~

THAT place or specifically *** city  , with white sky and creepy atmosfer. These cities have long fought for his life. They occupied the richest deposits of minerals, crossroads of trade routes and water ways . But in the battle with the economy, nature and time, they could not win. Now ghost towns stare blind dusty windows on the deserted streets, where slowly but surely takes its emptiness.

Throughout the world, you can count no less than a thousand people, full of life before in that place, but now completely abandoned. It’s slow death the vast majority of towns , villages and towns. So now abandoned is obliged to primarily the economy, or rather uneconomical benefit. Where rich deposits – was necessary and settlement somewhere because workers must live. Or for example, trade routes – in their crosshairs appeared town grew. But the empty field, roads , modern merchants turned their thoughts to the other parties, and that’s coming to an end location. And people are serving away from their homes in search of a new happiness.

For example :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the west, Japan is a place about which even the modern Japanese little heard. Gunkanjima – not even an island, but rather the reef, in 1810 there found incredible deposits of coal , and in the same year, the first people settled reef .

It went rapid construction, the reef all expanded, people streamed the river there. And half a century, was the most populous Gunkanjima city on the planet, where 1 km2 (a reef was not larger in size ) lived more than five thousand inhabitants. But coal was approaching it’s end, the mine could not give out the right amount of fuel , and then they dried up completely . And by 1974 on an artificial island, which has become a reef , there is not a single person there.

Dead City emptied with high-rise buildings in a single moment , houses for workers and mines slowly crumbles to dust. At the present time it is impossible to visit the island.  Almost all the buildings are in disrepair , and the Japanese government will not allow anybody here .

But sometimes events that led to the devastation of urban areas , there are far more terrible . In the Far East, Siberia , the Urals – there are many former camps , which according to the documents and never existed . When people were taken away and the building remained deserted camp home colony , towers, many of them turned to dust by time. Here even looters can not get too far from the “mainland”.

But much worse when the signal to evict submits the element. Here begins the real, unexpected and terrible tragedy . So it was, when in April 1986 flashed Chernobyl and Pripyat town , whose population at the time was more than fifty thousand people, was rapidly losing its people : who left , and who died.

He stands just three kilometers from the destroyed local café. A dashing nineties Pripyat again saw people, but they were ordinary looters who roamed the left and did not even locked apartment on the prowl. And even the fear of radiation sickness did not stop.

I guess Pripyat – the most famous ghost town, but it’s not a very nice title too sad in his story. Today, when the risk of irradiating the radiation become less in Pripyat organized many tours, modern stalkers dream to touch witnessed a terrible tragedy.

Sometimes the cause of emergency eviction of people getting the disease. One of the tributaries of the Angara still stands a few dozen villages , abandoned and neglected . Now find out what kind of virus was the reason that the people have cast their homes , belongings , unmade beds, hard , all information is lost in the flow of time. One thing is clear : the evacuation was a total and unexpected .

About the Greek city – quarter Varosha Cyprus , perhaps few have heard it. In 1974 , as part of the second phase of the invasion of the Turks in Messaoria entered the tanks. The Greek population was quickly evacuated . A Varosha was closed CSKA Turkey. So he stands to this day was once a major tourist destination in Cyprus, with fully equipped with all the necessary hotels, trendy shops and thirty years ago and abandoned couches on the beach.

The city is closed and Greeks who lived there ( they are not allowed to return ), and for journalists. In 2004, the Turkish Cypriots would return Varosha , but they still “generous” gift ago did not take it.

Another town, Italian Balestrino, there was not yesterday and not even in the last century , and in the distant XI century, and more than eight centuries lived fared so myself. Here settled farmers and cultivated olive wonderful. But in 1953, the last resident left Balestrino : the thing hardball series of earthquakes that thoroughly destroyed settlements. Balestrintsy prefer to move to a safer and more close to the civilization of the city of Italy.

In America, uninhabited cities is much higher than in Italy. To date, American real estate ghosts of former lives are over there. And very soon, likely to join their ranks of Detroit and once city-millionaire or city for millionaires. Developing on the background of the boom in the automotive industry, in the forties, he was a magnificent spectacle. For a while, it was literally a world center for the assembly of passenger cars. Public transportation in Detroit has been created for the poor, and the most expensive cars stood here and there, and their happy owners sipping cocktails at restaurants that not cheap.

But the slogan “every family – at least have car” has led to overcrowding roads, a stream of cars is not calculated , the first wave of the outflow of residents in the quieter suburbs. Then came the oil crisis , and the car companies went bankrupt . Workers and clerks here nothing has been done there.

Currently in Detroit operate only two more or less serious company : Daimler AG and General Motors . When they move to another place , Detroit will join the list of the dead cities, in fact it was already dead . But recently it was called in the media the most beautiful city of the world.

Centralia, Pennsylvania , USA, is not as well known , but it’s history is not less sad. Centralia became a town in 1866, and since then the city began the rapid construction : erected not only houses, but also hotels, theaters , amusement parks , there was a police station , taverns, began to develop coal mines . In 1962 year there were about three thousand people .

And then the government of the town made ​​a fatal mistake , which led to the destruction of the city and a good part of its inhabitants at the same time . Near the settlement was abandoned mines, then became a citywide dump. Centralia Mayor of giant garbage pits decided to get rid of. And void sumnyashesya, ordered to burn garbage without removing from the mine. But the land could not stand such beastliness . Coal is still located under the cover of the earth in huge quantities, flashed instantly. Danger townsfolk realized when the owner decided to check the status of the gas station gasoline tank . And , to her horror , found that the temperature of the liquid fuel suitable for the level of 80 degrees. In underground fire there continues to this day to extinguish it, need too much of Finance , and it turned out to be economically impractical for the government of America.

As suggested by scientists, underground fire will stop only after two and a half centuries. Now the temperature on the surface of the ground in the city reaches 60 degrees Celsius, from the cracks in the crust puff of steam and smoke, but beneath the surface , somewhere in the deep,


In 1981, in Centralia still lived a few hundred people . By this time, the city began to slowly sink into the ground . And soon on line, which connects with the rest of the world is central , in a huge rift . All communications with emptying the city were destroyed. Now there is not a single person, and only four years ago in Centralia lived nine people, flatly refused to leave their homes in which they lived all his life .

Imagine how this looks about a ghost town easily , watching the film “Silent Hill ” : it Centralia became the “muse ” director of the film. Dilapidated old houses , ashes around thickets and distinct , disturbing smell of burning – is Centralia today.

People generate their own city, except when interfering element, kill. And what remains abandoned skyscrapers, hospitals, schools , bars ? They are still waiting . But it is unlikely – residents. They humbly , with incredible humility waits until crumble to dust their last brick . In the meantime, there sprout shoots of trees , picking up the old asphalt, the streets wild beasts , and in the apartments of dust generous carpet covers the forgotten things.

– Xusaia –

[Fenomena] “Kota Hantu?” – Tempat yang diabaikan oleh yang ber-Nyawa

[ExP] Efek dari Cermin

Efek dari CerminWhat annoying person in others, there is him/her. What man does not want to hear from other people is that it is most important to hear at this stage of life. Another person can serve as a mirror for us, helping us to discover what we do not see, do not know himself.

If a person is what irritates him in the other , correct in itself, to what fate will send him a mirror . Avoiding everything that we hate , avoiding people cause us negative feelings , we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to change your life , depriving themselves of the opportunity of internal growth .

Man creates his own world-view, individual layer of the world or “separate” reality. Overall, this picture individual reality depends on how the person is set in relation to all that surrounds it, what he believes, what he believes or does not believe. But the paradox in the fact that at the same time it is due to the attitude and depends on what is happening around in his “individual” reality. What do we have? And it turns out the so-called “closed-loop” – “Reality is formed as a reflection of the human way of thinking, and the image, in turn, is largely determined by the reflection.”

If we define the reality around us as our mirror , it becomes evident how our “mirror” reflects just us, in our “outer” world reflects our world “inside” our world of inner beliefs , beliefs , fears, joys and sorrows .

We represent the man who stood before the mirror, it directs all his attention , trying not to look at ourselves from within. In looking at the external world , avoiding his inner world . In this scheme, the main role in the feedback loop does not play the image and reflection. And in such a situation a person is in the grip of a mirror , because if spellbound , looking at your copy . And it did not even occur to him that by changing the original itself , in their inner world and he will change his reflection , in the world – “outside .”

As a result of this obsession focus on reflection , we often get what we do not actively wish .
All we remember from childhood the old wisdom :

•  fought for – for it and ran ”
In neighboring mote eye can discern , and in his logs and not notice ”

But here is an example of how does our ” mirror ” of reality :

Appearance . You will notice that almost all young children are very cute . Where does so many adults who are unhappy with their appearance ? All from the same place – in the mirror , which brings back all of the claims . Grow beautiful are those who inwardly confident in its beauty – that’s their secret.

The rule is : “If I like myself , I have a growing number of reasons for this .” But here we must take into account that a person , thus, must be totally sincere with himself. Is he sure of that or he just thinks he’s sure or want to believe it – a ” two big differences ” , as they say .

Our internal installation programs are broadcast to us on the screen of our “external” reality. The world is very inventive and operates countless images, and very interesting in this story is that everyone has their own images , as well as installation , stereotypes and beliefs each has its own individual . For example, we all have different understandings of the same word . As with every word we have linked their individual associations and their individual experiences .

The experiment . I call the word ” man .” What image do you have now emerged in the head? I am sure that everyone has his own , someone presented a man 40 years old who is asexual image of the stencil , who sees his full , some thin , etc. Ie each has its own association with that word , because experience for everybody. And such an experiment we can perform almost all the words of our vocabulary . That’s how we communicate.

Now back to our “mirror” of reality. What we often see in the ” mirror “? And we see that, on the whole the more focused our attention.

For example, some experience is entirely owned by the person’s attention . He was concerned about them and what does not suit him . At the same time thinking about what you do not want and do not want to order what they think . Here’s a paradox. Mirror external world but does not account for our willingness or unwillingness – it just exactly reproduce the content of the inner world , reflects the image .

Another example of the “mirror” What really do not like, what you get in your life in abundance.

As a result, even more annoying, thereby increasing the strength of his feelings. Mentally, you send all the “go to h*ll”: “F*ck you all! ..” And that “mirror”? It returns this boomerang back. You sent, and you were sent there too. Number trouble increases in life. If you stand before a mirror and yell: “I hope you fail!” – A reflection of there there? That’s right, a reflection of “How do you you fail with his world.” Now let’s look at a penchant for pessimistic expectations on the part. The truth looks unattractive?

A state: “Oh, it still does not work!” – Like sadomasochism. Sometimes you might think that a pessimist gets perverted satisfaction, reveling in its heavy fractions: “The world is so bad that any longer. Nothing has changed. Full fatality. That serves him right, and me along with it! “Interestingly, this pathological habit of negativism find rapture in developing breeds predisposed to insults:” I’m so wonderful! And you do not appreciate! Here it is, the top of the injustice! All I was offended, and do not persuade me! That’s going to die, then you will know! “

And in the end we get ?

That’s what we fear the most is what you get .

That’s what trying to avoid it in order and face.

How do we think about ourselves and the world thinks of us.

The world reflects us only what we think , that is, our thoughts .

External World – a mirror of our inner world


[ExP] Efek dari Cermin

[Fenomena] Mengapa Manusia Menjadi ‘Hantu’? (Basic Ver.)


Mengapa banyak dari manusia takut akan kematian? Apakah karena mereka memiliki banyak dosa. Atau mereka yang sudah membersikan kesalahan itu apakah tidak takut akan hal itu? Mungkin beberapa orang dari mereka malah menunggu dan menantikan tentang kematian itu sendiri?

Pada umumnya orang-orang yang takut akan kematian adalah orang-orang atheist. Karena mereka tidak mempercayai adanya Tuhan. Dan tidak percayanya akan adanya kehidupan setelah datang kematian. Mereka fokus akan kehidupan dunia yang sekarang mereka tinggali dan sama sekali tidak memiliki bekal atau persiapan yang dibutuhkan setelah kematian.

Setelah Mati mereka berfikir akan masuk kedalam suatu ‘Lubang’, Lubang yang secara visual atau dianalogikan mirip seperti apa yang kita lihat terhadap lensa kamera. “Katakanlah apa yang kau percaya – lalu mulai disana cari dan temukanlah arti dari dirimu itu!” Itulah suatu pepatah yang sering digunakan ketika manusia sedang mencari arti keberadaan dirinya di dunia.

Berapa banyakkah jiwa yang nantinya akan berkumpul kedalam ‘Lubang’ itu? Jika di dasarkan pada karma yang ada. Mungkin akan ada yang cepat langsung masuk kedalam tubuh baru lainnya. Dan mungkin itu akan bertahan selamanya disana. Namun bagaimana jadinya nasib mereka setelah itu?

-Sebuah Jiwa dapat bertahan secara permanen didalam suatu tubuh, jika dia melakukan tindakan yang dinamakan ‘Bunuh Diri’-

Bunuh diri secara sadar, ketika terjadi hal itu, jiwa akan terus merekat pada apa yang dinamakan ‘Conscious Veins‘, atau jika diartikan dalam bahasa kita langsung adalah syaraf kesadaran. Namun berbeda dengan nama itu, makna yang terkandung dalam Conscious Veins atau kita singkat CoVe, bukanlah syaraf kesadaran yang menempel pada tubuh manusia melainkan ~ Hubungan garis kesadaran memori antar Makhluk pada Syaraf Dunia ~! Dengan kata lain memori yang tersimpan di-alam yang disharing atau dibagikan terhadap makhluk sekitar yang berada didalamnya.

Memori itu jika dianalogikan bisa berupa berita baik dalam bentuk visual seperti video maupun suara seperti musik audio, yang mana setiap makhluk dapat melihat atau mendengarnya jika berada dilokasi Point CoVe disana yang mulai beresonansi atau memberikan data berita. Dan disana orang-orang atau manusia umumnya menyebut itu dengan ‘Hantu’.

Sebagai contoh Ada seorang manusia yang selama 20 tahun hidupnya didunia berakhir, dan ada keinginan kuat yang terpendam untuk terus lanjut selama 50 tahun kedepan. Alasan akhir kematian dari manusia itu adalah akibat ulah rokok, obat-obatan seperti narkoba atau jenis lainnya. Jika itu merupakan tindakan yang dia lakukan selama hidup atas kemauan atau alasan sendiri maka kematiannya bisa dikatagorikan sebagai kematian akibat ‘Bunuh Diri’.

Katakanlah disana tubuhnya ‘Mati’, lalu apakah yang terjadi dengan kesadarannya disana?

Karena keinginan kuat dan tindakan Bunuh Diri disiana, dengan 2 persyaratan tersebut maka terpenuhilah untuk suatu manusia menjadi ‘Hantu’. Kesadarannya tidak menghilang karena terus melekat pada CoVe, yang mana jika ada kerabat atau saudara dari orang yang mati tersebut jika berada di suatu point yang beresonansi, maka wujud atau suara dari orang yang mati itu bisa terdengar kembali oleh mereka yang mengenalnya dengan wujud atau suara yang sama ketika dia masih hidup.

Wujud atau suara yang beresonansi di point itu, tidak hanya mereka yang mengenal atau manusia yang secara tidak sengaja ada disana, makhluk lain seperti hewan atau tumbuhan pun bisa merasakannya. Karena itu merupakan sebuah data yang tersimpan di CoVe sehingga semua makhluk yang berada dipoint itu bisa mengaksesnya jika terjadi resonansi.

Namun jika dilihat dari sudut pandang orang yang mati rasakan. Dia mungkin merasakan hal yang lebih menderita dari kematian karena keberadaanya kini berada di CoVe. Karena dia tidak bisa merasakan sentuhan apapun, rasa apapun, tidak bisa lapar, tidak bisa haus, dan tidak bisa berkomunikasi dengan siapapun.

‘Hantu’ akan terus merasakan apa  yang namanya penderitaan, selama dia masih memendam atau memiliki sebuah keinginan atau hasrat yang tertinggal. Namun dia tidak bisa melakukan apapun terhadap hal itu dengan keberadaan dia saja yang seperti itu.

Sebagian dari ‘Hantu’ disana mungkin akan mencari tubuh atau medium baru untuk memenuhi keinginan atau hasratnya itu. Jadi beberapa dari mereka kadang ada yang menyerang orang lain atau memberi intimidasi disuatu tempat untuk tidak mengganggunya dalam memenuhi keinginan atau hasrat yang tertinggal disana. Karena itu di dunia kita banyak berbagai kejadian yang berhubungan dengan itu.

Mungkin cukup sampai disini informasi yang diberikan untuk Basic Ver. kali ini. Alasan mengapa kata ‘Hantu’ disana diberi kurung tanda kutip satu adalah karena ada beberapa arti ‘Hantu’ lain yang memiliki arti yang sedikit berbeda dengan yang dijelaskan disini. Karena itu untuk informasi tersebut, mungkin kedepan akan saya bahas lebih detil disana.

Sampai jumpa dipostingan selanjutnya!!!


[Fenomena] Mengapa Manusia Menjadi ‘Hantu’? (Basic Ver.)

[ExP] Palmistry – The Art of Divination or Pseudoscience ?

Palmistry - the art of divination or pseudosciencePalmistry appeared in ancient times, when there was even written , and human life is fully dependent on the environment. Guessing on the palm of your hand in those days was very important because the life and destiny of every member of the tribe could radically change the lives of tribesmen. In addition to palmistry , but then began to develop the occult sciences , helps a person to some extent predict the future and , if necessary, adjust it slightly.

Since ancient times, palmistry is considered one of the most effective ways of divination. To the east of it was already known about 5000 years ago. Appreciated the art of the Greeks . About Guessing on the arm can find many interesting and classical literature. Palmistry and now very widespread in the eastern countries – China, India, Syria, Egypt .

Assuming that this art was developed more than a thousand years , it is logical to assume that it has a reasonable clear rules . Indeed , the basics of palmistry were formulated in ancient times , and then were supplemented in the Middle Ages .

It should be noted that the term ” palmistry ” is of Greek origin and translates as guessing or predicting the hand. It is considered that between the lines on the palm and the nature and destiny of man , there is some unexplained connection . Especially in this ancient believed chiromantists who went from town to town and wondered everyone. Later came the times of persecution of various kinds of harassment soothsayers on hand , because they are mostly telling the truth.

For the first time on the art of palmistry as told German scientist Gartlib in 1448 , and later , in 1504 , the subject continued Cocle . Then there was a lot of interesting books in German, French and Italian. In the 17th century in the German universities even existed Palmistry course , but at the same time in England, palmistry , like any other witchcraft, was banned.

Over time, interest in palmistry began to gradually fade away , but in the nineteenth century, it literally brought back to life by two researchers – Debaroll and d’Arpentini . But if one of them takes only hirognomiey , that is , determined by the shape of the hands of nature, the second established a modern palmistry is the art of prediction along

Palmistry makes it possible to determine the lines on the palm of a person’s character , as well as to predict its future shape and hand lines.

Times have changed, and now Guessing on the arm has become very fashionable and popular. Anyone can ask for help to people with extraordinary abilities with a request to reveal the secret of the future.

Modern psychics do not refute the assertion of their ancient counterparts that the divination on the lines palm true, and that there is a connection between the lines and destiny. Currently, palmistry is even used in science, in genetics and psychiatry, as an additional method of diagnosis. And all because of the palm are hundreds of thousands of nerve endings that are constantly exchanging information with the human brain. But at the same time, palmistry has never been recognized by science-sufficient, and no scientist has never confirmed that there is a relationship between the nature of man and patterned palm.

Skeptics say that , of course, looking at the palm, some information about the person can be obtained. For example , a cardiologist on the pulse and color of hands can establish the existence of serious cardiovascular disease . In addition, the patterns of the fingers may reflect some genetic diseases , such as Klinefelter’s syndrome , Down’s syndrome , Turner , Patan . State hands can indicate the profession ( see, it is very difficult to mix the hands of the pianist and carpenter ) .

Manicured hands with a nice manicure always indicate prosperity of their respective owners . If the nails are bitten , it is a clear sign of self-doubt and nervous feelings. All this is very clearly noticed by street fortune tellers , especially gypsy . Methods of their work ( when they seem to be talking about some of the events in a person’s life , and actually pushed him to talk to ) very quickly have to trust.

Also a large number of schools, and differences in the interpretation of the lines gives reason to doubt the palmistry. So, for example, some experts in this field only guess at his left hand, arguing that it is closer to the heart, while others prefer to guess only the right hand, because it does more work functions. At the same time, to read information from both hands simultaneously virtually none cheiromantist not solved, since they are often contradictory information. For example, on the one hand and promise a long line of rich life, and on the other – the rate of death.

There are differences in the interpretation of the values ​​of certain lines and patterns on the palm. All these values ​​are written in a large number of books, and depending on which of them studied cheiromantist such he can predict the fate.

At the same time , supporters of the veracity of palmistry , argue that palmistry – it is a science , and know it is not given to everyone. All charges arose pseudoscientific because palmistry has no hard postulates and study its mass is impossible. To learn how to speculate on the arm , you need a real talent and not mere knowledge of the values ​​of a particular line on the palm . Guessing on the arm – the process is very complicated, because each person on the palm there are hundreds of curves and lines.

Chiromantists sure that in the palm of a person can affect traits that depend on the influence of one or another planet. In addition, the palm pattern , just like fingerprints , each person are unique.

So , psychics say that human nature is attributed to Saturn , Venus, Mercury, Jupiter , Mars, Sun and Moon . Each of these planets has a certain character : Satrun – time periods , Venus – feelings Mercury – Finance, Jupiter – the fate of Mars – the nature of the Sun – the talent.

Moreover , as mentioned above, skeptic about said different patterns on the hands. Chiromantists argue that in fact the values ​​of the lines do not contradict each other. The thing is that the lines and patterns on the right hand show who a person is in the present tense , and on his left hand – with which a person was born . For lefties, respectively , the statement will be the reverse : the present life.

Furthermore , the right hand of the person is used as a rule more often it is more in action, so that the resulting prints are altered . That is why it is very important to guess on both hands , as one palm is almost impossible to tell the truth.

A sort of offshoot of palmistry can be considered guessing the length of the fingers , shape nails and stuff, but this kind of divination to be taken seriously , certainly not worth.

Periodically in the media there are articles about how a group of scientists studying a group of people belonging to a particular social class or group. And each time after learning obtained sensational results: it turns out, for example, that most successful economists some finger over the other. These studies can not be taken seriously, because everybody understands that sometimes, to some SRI is not closed, or to get more money from sponsors to new research, you need to create the appearance of intense activity.

-Xusaia- (Tugas Artikel Seminar Metaphysics ~Hidden Human Potential~)

[ExP] Palmistry – The Art of Divination or Pseudoscience ?

[ExP] Memori Kosmik

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[ExP] Memori Kosmik