[ExP] The Curtain of the world

The Curtain of the worldVisible reality, perspective, scientific and technological progress that is behind this? And behind it the absolute immorality, lack of Spiritual Culture, intellectual devaluation! The legacy of Atlantis, not counting the highly developed civilization, begins to manifest itself in it’s entirety.

The death of the great continent – is the result of immorality and hypocrisy, that’s fact, and fully reflects what is happening in the world. Smoke going from human minds, paralyzes the will of the aspirations and ‘the little walking one’. The planet groans from the oppressive people shouting , anger shrouded the minds of children of the Earth. And there is not one part of the world that have detailed the spiritual perspective of humanity. You may think that this transition? ~Maybe!

Perhaps people think that must go, so they will become ‘cleaner’ or something celestial? And here, you need to really look at my life and the life of the Earth! For in such a reality, there are no prospects!

This is not only sees the one who under fear no longer filmed rose-colored glasses. Who lives only himself and his life. A reality that is hidden behind the screen of the world is that people are enslaved by illusion. This illusion is called obsession. We give too much to the physical world, and so little give spiritual world. If some people nourish your soul prayer, meditation and spiritual practices, the bulk of people neither do this. Or they think that the soul does not need power. And that’s the problem. Not the physical world can develop harmoniously if there is no simultaneous spiritual development. World physical – is a complete reflection of the spiritual of every man. Now, we can look at his reflection, looking at what is happening around. Are the rulers and we, all people can not see the truth that we are treading at his feet. And if you look at the scale of destruction in which we invest all your thoughts and your behavior, what spiritual perspective we can see. It is not and can not be described. For power over the minds, too fast and too quickly spreads affects people’s minds.

If before the 90s of the last century, among the world’s population 75% of people have been obsessed. So now, this figure reaches 95%. How do you find such a prospect? It will continue as long as each of us will take control of their own lives.

In history, as in the evolution of all cycles. And what is happening now – it reminds the collapse of consciousness. We repeat what was happening on the stage when the evolutionary process folded out of the way. We are entangled in the justice and fraud. We are confused about what love is and what is evil. If you still think that everything will be fine, it’s just because you are afraid to admit the reality in which we live. And I have repeatedly written that we are on the threshold of the Messiah! The Messiah comes not when things are good. The Messiah comes when people get lost in the spiritual quest. And if we do not prepare the land, and your mind for planting clean seed, then respectively, will this harvest. Messiah comes into the world, so that everyone saw in the eyes of others, to the world purified through suffering. Not enough for us to suffer? Is not it time we stop to spin a web of world agony of evil? Now we can talk about who is right and who is wrong, forgetting that we were not given the right to a conviction. And we must not forget that to lose all that we have accumulated over the entire evolutionary process of development, it is possible for a single moment. This moment may come when people will not cease to search for his trouble someone. In connection with this, the world is enslaved by those who have been called from other parallel worlds. They are the lowest order in its development. But they came to our call. Our world curses and curses, anger, and hatred for each other, raised the deeper layers of the astral world, and opened a multifaceted creatures who with great pleasure came into the physical world. They broke into our aura, torn it, and stuck to our consciousness. They pull us out of all the light that was left in our souls. Obsession is the biggest problem of our time. This disease, which eats the soul of man, and then the very flesh. Obsession is a result of the death of all civilizations.

People come to your senses !!!

Is everything that happens in the world, is our great savings, since the Lemuria’s time. Is all that we have learned, have buried in the ashes of strife and warfare, yielding unrealistic thinking, humiliating his conscience in the global lies and hatred. Really, the strength of our Souls and not be able to fulfill themselves in the illusion of passion and lust. We have been going to to say with pride, “I’m The Man” to hear about it the entire Universe. But how little it takes time to get it all, suddenly destroyed. If we do not stop to admire the physical world, leaving the spiritual world into “snack”, the physical world without foundations, a collapse of the gravity of evil. After all, every thought we think that, one way or another, passing the system repeat in our mind, sooner or later, will form a habit. And the habit will grow into a desire to own and feel. Behind this screen, seemingly harmless actions hidden slavery of his own mind. After all, what gets in our mind is stronger in denying forms phobia. Obsession – is slavery. Slavery, which attracts the suffering of the whole society.

Obsession is divided into 3 categories :

The first category – it’s an obsession and phobias Larvae that are in part a product of the human mind . A Larva ‘s – is the low-lying part of the astral world, and the unconscious , which in turn comes and sticks to the aura of people , taking them all the strength, health , goals and relationships. Such a man is a slave , a slave to his own obsessive thoughts , phobias and where A larva’s repeatedly provoke the person on insinuations “good” , reflecting all the low quality of thought and soul.

The second category of obsession – it’s an obsession entities. There is another sleeping demons of the dark hierarchy. Some of you reading can laugh it supposedly unreal fairy tale. But, unfortunately , not your understanding , does not exempt you from liability . Essence – this is what comes to our call . They think like us . And they come for the sole purpose , fed by our ego , our emotions , causing us to greater evil against himself and people. And it does not end there . And if, after this , a person can not take over your life , sooner or later, his body will come demons , who unlike humans have exactly target. Their goal is to prevent the spiritual development of man , and in every way to suppress his “spiritual hunger.” Possessed – people paralyzed the will!

And the third category of obsession – people who have paralyzed not only the will but also the entire central nervous system . It’s all kinds of schizophrenia. That is, these people are completely or partially obsessed entity that replaced the human soul from the body.

These three categories are a common disease that sick 95 % of the population . Every hundredth of Earth people with schizophrenia . For 20 years, we have degraded his spiritual culture so much that 75 % of possession, passed the mark of 95%. It really is an evolutionary leap . Just jump in the other direction. This disease does not understand , she slowly eats all who do so , anyway , living in distressed state of mind.

All of this is because every situation , gives a person the right to choose . If you think 10 times is bad , it is the eve of possession. If you think 100 times bad, then it is an obsession. If you thought 1000 times bad, then it is an obsession with demons and the steel level headed of it . That is , the negative thoughts of a man – a lure for the entities of the astral world . The astral world is cruel and refined, in his improvisations pictures of the world.

If we road our planet , our spiritual experience , then , that you need – to do something. We need to think more about how to live , not to destroy their lives and the lives of others . Need more control over your thoughts and emotions in relation to themselves and the people , knowing that every person – is the messenger of God . We must remember that we are all , to create a common pattern of our evolution . But having come to the Creator , as a whole , to show their work.

Let each of us , every day say at least 10 times “I love you ” to those close to you . If you do not have such an opportunity , do it mentally. Tell that to each other , or write in his personal correspondence via the Internet, thus showing his concern for the Earth and every living person.


[ExP] The Curtain of the world

[Fenomena] PES (Phantom Eye Syndrome)

PESSome people who lost their eye claim they “see” the strange phantom images. It is known that amputees often feel the so-called “phantom sensations.”

Much more strange manifestation of this phenomenon occurs in people who have lost one eye – they “see” some mysterious images of the eye , which no longer exists or missing eyes feel any other way . Researchers from certain university recently conducted the largest study on the so-called “phantom eye syndrome“, which was attended by 239 patients who had lost an eye as a result of cancer .

It turned out that 60 percent of these patients are familiar with phantom experiences in varying degrees – from inexplicable visual perceptions to this hallucination .

Sometimes these visions included images of people standing in a field of view of the patient. And hallucinations are most common for young people , and pain in the absence of eye – for those who are depressed or depressed.

Meanwhile, the causes of the phenomenon of ” phantom eye” remain a mystery from medical perspective.

But if we look in different point of view there are clue to explain this phenomenon. Try to confrim again what the cause and the result from this PES phenomenon.

#Clue 1 : Phantosmia

Phantosmia is an olfactory hallucination. A hallucination is the sensory perception of something with no basis in reality, as opposed to an olfactory illusion, which is a misinterpretation of a physical stimulus; in the case of an odor it is known as parosmia. Phantosmia is the perception of a smell in the complete absence of any physical odor. The perceived odor can range from pleasant to disgusting. Although the causes of phantosmia are uncertain, it often occurs with neurological and psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, mood disorders, Parkinsons disease, epilepsy, neuroblastoma, and frequent migraines.

#Clue 2 : Anosognosia

Anosognosia is viewed as a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers a certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability. It was first named by the neurologist Joseph Babinski in 1914. Anosognosia results from physiological damage to brain structures, typically to the parietal lobe or a diffuse lesion on the fronto-temporal-parietal area in the right hemisphere. Whilst this distinguishes the condition from denial, which is a psychological defense mechanism, attempts have been made at a unified explanation. Both anosognosia and denial are almost always connected with damage in the right hemisphere. Split-brain research suggests that this asymmetry points to a neurological answer. Anosognosia is sometimes accompanied by asomatognosia, a form of neglect in which patients deny ownership of their limbs.

#Clue 3 : Clairvoyance

The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses, i.e., a form of extrasensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”).

Claims for the existence of paranormal and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance have not been supported by scientific evidence published in high impact factor peer reviewed journals. Parapsychology explores this possibility, but the existence of the paranormal is not accepted by the scientific community. Parapsychology, including the study of clairvoyance, is an example of pseudoscience.

(Resources : wiki)

With 3 hints above, you can imagine what is PES in true meaning! This phenomenon like curse and bless in the same time for the one who experienced it. But i’ll not explain it in detail, you must find the answer within that clue and the conclusion will appear by itself.


[Fenomena] PES (Phantom Eye Syndrome)

[ExP] ~ Point Discharge ~ Internal biological clock

Power discharge clockThe man , like many animals , circadian activity ( circadian rhythms in the body) is tied to a change in lighting at the alternation of day and night . Working the night shift , prolonged far into the night battle in a computer game , or frequent travel to another time zone – all this confuses our internal biological clock and can lead to depression and mood changes.

Even the natural reduction of daylight in the winter , especially in the northern regions , often causes seasonal affective disorder .

For many years, scientists are trying to learn the basics of the internal biological clock for a person to learn and control it .

In a new article published in the edition of Nature Neuroscience, researchers from Vanderbilt University claim to have found ” the reset button” biological clock .

These experiments were performed on genetically modified mice, which coincided with the biological rhythm of a human, with the difference that has been configured to nocturnal. Thus it was used optogenetic methods to monitor the operation of cells of the nervous tissue with light.

“We found that we can change the periods of sleep and wakefulness animal artificially stimulating with a laser and fiber neurons in the main biological clock. They are located in the area of ​​the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus,”- says study leader Douglas G. McMahon.

The neurologist was aware that the rate of occurrence of the pulses in neurons of the suprachiasmatic nucleus is associated with circadian rhythm. Previously it was thought that these signals are the result of the work of the biological clockwork , and can not influence its course. But in the new work , scientists have demonstrated that by acting on nerve cells in the body can cheat and get him to believe that the day and night reversed.

To control the activity of neurons in mice in their DNA biologists introduced gene responsible for the synthesis of light-sensitive proteins. Then, very thin optical fibers, conducted directly into the animals’ brains, the cells covered the laser to activate or suppress their activity.

Of course in it’s present form, this approach can not be used in humans. But the researchers believe that in the future when it will be easy and safe to enter any desired genes into the cells of an adult organism, and also used for lighting miniature implants, such therapy becomes possible.

“The main conclusion is that the frequency of the pulses in the suprachiasmatic nucleus is not a consequence of circadian rhythms as we previously thought , but a full key component of this system – says McMahon . – We still have to learn a lot about how our internal clock .” Now a new approach is being tested in rodents , which, like some people , in anticipation of the spring suffering seasonal affective disorder .


[ExP] ~ Point Discharge ~ Internal biological clock

[ExP] 4 The Stangest City in this World

The Stangest City in this WorldCan you imagine a city or village, whose inhabitants suffer from an epidemic of the same mysterious illness of unknown origin? Or are centenarians? Or obsessed with the evil spirit? This is not a myth, such settlements are real and invariably the subject of interest from researchers. In this post, i’ll explain four of them. Let’s check one by one!!!

Yarumal - the city of AlzheimerYarumal – the city of Alzheimer

About one in ten of the 45 thousand inhabitants of this small town in the north of Colombia is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This sad fact is associated with the curse of the blind priest, who in Yarumale someone stole a box of donations for the construction of the temple.

Although, according to scientists, the whole thing is genetics problem. Several centuries yarumal people mainly Spanish peasants who lived in a closed community. Between them were consanguineous marriages are common, and probably the “bad” genes are passed down from generation to generation.

Today, among the patients la bobera “idiocy”, referred to herein as Alzheimer’s disease, there are not only old but also 30 years old men and women. Sometimes they have to care for elderly parents. For example, 80 years old Mercedes la bobera struck two daughters and a son. Apparently, the children were given a gene husband Mercedes, died of the same disease many years ago.

By the way, the brain Yarumal residents who died from Alzheimer’s, now studying at one of the laboratories of the University of Antioch , which is headed by a local native , a neurologist Francisco Lopera . He is working on the preparation of this terrible disease.

Campodimele - the city of centenariansCampodimele – the city of centenarians

The Italian town campodimele that is in the province of Latina at 150 kilometers from Rome, about 700 residents. But the percentage of people who turned 90 years of age, are higher than in any other village in Italy.

Experts from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, headed by Professor Marcello Arch found that all the inhabitants of the town there is a mutation of a gene that allows them to breakdown the body fat in a certain way and to maintain a low level of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, there is almost never occur cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

After historical research, scientists have concluded that the gene mutation went from some wealthy owner of the castle, who lived in the town in the XVI century. Apparently, much of the current campodimele people are it’s descendants.

Kalachi - sleeping cityKalachi – sleeping city

Villagers Kalachi – northern Kazakhstan region, some time ago suddenly inexplicably began to fall asleep and sleep soundly for a few days. Awakening accompanied by a partial loss of memory.

The first cases of “sleeping sickness” were recorded in the spring of 2013. In addition to drowsiness and loss of memory , local residents also complained of the state of weakness and hallucinations.

Patients had been diagnosed with “encephalopathy of unknown etiology”. Then they sought medical treatment 34 people, and 28 November 2013 the disease broke out in the neighboring village of Berezovka. Local residents also pursued cramps and fainting. By the end of the year the number of cases has reached 100 people.

All analyzes on background radiation, heavy metals and salts, bacteria and viruses were normal. One theory links the “sleepy phenomenon” that is located close to the abandoned urban village Krasnogorsk , where 60 and 90 – lies of the last century, mined uranium ore .

In the early 90’s production ended, mines closed down, but why the “effect” manifested itself after so many years ? Anyway, now the authorities have ordered to resettle the inhabitants of Kalachi in another place to stop the “epidemic”.

Kulob - city of DjinnKulob – city Djinn

Among the residents of the villages situated adjacent to the Tajik town of Kulob, it happened a whole epidemic of djinn possession .

According to local beliefs, women who are going to or have just got married or pregnant, are of particular interest to the otherworldly evil. Therefore, tradition requires them not to leave home after sunset, special diet , and do not stay home alone.

Recently, the local psychiatric ward turned five young women who have violated these prohibitions and their assurances of victims of the Djinn. They said that they had seen the night terrors, the same day to feel the presence of some invisible beings who even touch them.

Some unhappy prayers help them, others are forced to turn to doctors. However, they are in no hurry to attribute what is happening at the expense of the machinations of evil forces and believe that all the fault of hysteria and panic attacks caused by the fact of violation of a taboo.


[ExP] 4 The Stangest City in this World

[ExP] In the Brain ~ On and Off of Consciousness ~

brain world mechanismEach of us loses consciousness on a regular daily basis : a condition called sleep. But scientists have never been able to understand what part of the brain controls when we are awake and when not. Now, it seems they managed to solve the puzzle – and quite by accident , during observations of a patient with epilepsy. Experiments with electronic stimulation of the brain allowed the scientists to turn on and off this kind of switch.

During the study of the brain of the patient electrode depth, researchers from George Washington University placed one of them in Claustrum – a thin layer of neurons, located between the large structures of the brain. This area has never before to explore the depths electrodes.

When this area was directed high-frequency electric signal, the patient lost consciousness: And unlike an epileptic fit when the person immediately ceases all activity, she began to “slow down” to say everything quietly and move slowly to a halt and immobility during which she did not answer the questions, and visual stimulation. Technically, she was unconscious and completely returned to normal without any memories of that time, as soon as the electrical stimulation was discontinued to Claustrum.

This discovery has great potential for use in patients with seizure disorders or borderline states of consciousness, but now it is in a very early stage : today this “switch” has been tested by only one person. However, the detection zone of the activation of consciousness is extremely important for a deeper understanding of the work of our brain , says researcher on the project in this matter.

“In the limit, if we know how consciousness arises, and what parts of the brain involved in this process, we will be able to understand who he is and who is not. Is there a consciousness in robots ? And human embryos ? Do the consciousness of cats, dogs or worms ? This discovery is incredibly intriguing, but it’s just one brick in a huge building of consciousness, which we seek to build.”


[ExP] In the Brain ~ On and Off of Consciousness ~

[ExP] ~Black Magic Origins~ describe your own existence!

Atlantis WorldThe ancient Toltecs were just obsessed with magic and many of them used it for their own selfish interests. Thus, the lack of freedom of self-importance turned them into black magicians and sorcerers. Details about this are in the eastern esoteric doctrine, which describes the appearance of black magic on the continent of Atlantis, the most powerful nation of which were ancient Toltecs – ancestors of the Aztecs, Mayas and many other Indian tribes.

That sense of self-importance is a trait axis delimiting magic on black and white. For example I call black magic based on a sense of self-importance, the magic of “external intentions” in contrast to the magic of “internal goal” based on “the path of the Heart.” It was destroyed once Atlantis and other Antediluvian civilization : “As you know, the ancient civilization perished. From them there were only fragments of buildings like the Egyptian pyramids, and vague echoes of some secret magical knowledge. People who have mastered the power of an external intention, gained too much power, and so we were not just punished and destroyed the equilibrium forces. Such civilizations like Atlantis, was set example of them. Every time, when people took possession of the external force intentions, they forget that they are the only guests. As you know, presumptuous guest expelled out.”

Thus, the main cause of death of Atlantis and other antediluvian civilizations was an imbalance of natural disasters caused by illiterate psychoenergetic and technological impact on the environment of the Earth.

Our modern civilization is already close to that boundary violations of the natural balance, which reached Atlanta before his death. On the one hand illiterate technocratic activity leads to the loss of many plant and animal species, the emergence of many diseases. On the other hand – imposed on humanity lifestyle predator fixated on a sense of self-importance, of almost any ordinary person turns into a black magician, who assuming a negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, upsets the balance of energies of the Earth. Only the culture of living in harmony with nature are able to maintain this balance.

Someone write about this : “Shamans are aware of the need to maintain the balance of nature and what nature blooms when applied force required to balance. But when the balance is broken because of the greed and unpardonable operation – nature rebels – . The crisis, which is the face of the modern world, shamans are not a surprise. This is the result of an imbalance, which has resulted in a disrespectful attitude to nature, and this imbalance will inevitably lead to a loss of strength.”

But if we return to Atlanta, it should be noted that not all of the Toltecs were obsessed with black magic. Among them were “soldiers of freedom“, get rid of bondage to their sense of self-importance, and therefore unable to get to the “snares” black magic. It went from them and “seeing a new cycle“. Many see no fundamental difference between the magic of the ancient Toltec knowledge and Teachings of Don Juan. It described therefore many other mistakenly attributed Don Juan and magicians of his line to the “black” type.

To come to such a conclusion can only be acquainted with one of the certain book. However “teaching” becomes remarkable harmony and consistency only after a careful analysis of this book, especially since much of this teaching, the writer himself grasped only at the end of his apprenticeship, when he opened the true meaning of the events occurring to them without their distortion “mental dialogue” customized ordinary perception by the narrow confines of stereotypes and dogmas.

Call Don Juan’s teachings black magic consciously could only those who benefit to humanity is free of self-importance, and remained a prisoner of eternal beings with human predators stupid and brainless animals to volunteer their knowledge . It is no accident at all times in the teachings, which give the opportunity to see the path to freedom, that carried out to targeted attacks by puppet biorobots directed by these entities.

However, it is fair to note that not only the persecutors, but many of the fans of this book did not understand the main point of his books in the “teachings of Don Juan.” After all, dogmatism and fanaticism are opposite aspects of self-importance, and therefore, both – actively cultivated entities predators among mankind. Blow away any fanatical worship without understanding the essence of the teaching, freedom from self-importance and self-pity, that is freedom from “predators-flyers” devouring our awareness, opens the way to limitless perfection of a free person, get rid of it as a “bio-robots” and “zombies”, Imposed upon us by these evil beings.

This is the way to achieve full awareness of the reality around us, and awareness of themselves as a “luminous beings,” endowed by the Creator with free will and free choice of their own destiny, as opposed to an afterthought to the existence of biological appendages technical devices (bio-robots). This is the path to true freedom from restricting our consciousness and our existence is imposed upon us by dogmas and stereotypes “programs”, and even the behavior of freedom from the constraints of space and time.

The ability of human beings have virtually no restrictions. But we made ​​it to “forget” and inspired us to ultimacy of our abilities and the finiteness of our existence. And only breaking these limits using ‘barriers’ , and then we enter the realm of human knowledge to rediscover for us the ‘hidden’ skills and abilities.

There is explaination : “Self-awareness – is the state of our souls, connecting thread of Life and Death, Reveal and otherworldly. We can say that self-consciousness – is a gift which the person possessing holds the keys of all the worlds, becomes a “citizen” of the universe . . .  Self-consciousness is life – a complete, all-pervasive, all-encompassing. It is only necessary to realize their ability to realize. Become a creator of your own life, for we are created in the image and likeness of God, released the creative gift of life creation, and Destiny. But this gift is necessary to cultivate, nurture and develop not make up for the wretched existence of a neighbor, do not look at the always ready to express their opinion about your thinking. And you’ll see how your identity will be revealed as a will that can be change your destiny, and how to change your environment.”

Otherwise, yielding invisible entities antics predators and generally accepted misconception of others, we allow them to trample us that “spark of God“, which distinguishes free human beings from restriction of biological organisms, “Once we broke the once self-extinguished in us – everything! We cease to be human. We become thus intermediate between creature and another one, which is so long ago, and in vain looking for paleontologists. And then another mechanism of our existence, for it was the existence of a mechanically move . . . A mysterious force begins to drag on potholes and bumps, driving in unnecessary situations, but it is the usual things. So people become extras in a play other people’s destinies, extras in the theater of life . They can not know their role, the more the idea of the play. They will adjust, hailed, driven on, by some chance they will knock out of the overall design . Because they have lost the right to own role in betraying the most important thing in their soul – co-creation to the Creator.”

It is this gray mass and is the field of predatory beings from other worlds. Increased awareness of the magicians enabling them to achieve a certain degree of freedom, such as the limitations of the world of everyday awareness. But “new seers” could avoid the pitfalls that magicians were in other realities and worlds fail. Only a complete rejection of self-importance can guarantee the achievement of this freedom.

This is the main difference between “seeing a new cycle” of the ancient Toltec magicians whose art although it is a step forward compared with the ordinary knowledge, but nevertheless it did not guarantee them the freedom of entities from other worlds, including such non stay- predators. And many of them are so changed their nature in the magical operations shift to the assemblage point, so the perception that they themselves transformed into inorganic beings become reality.


[ExP] ~Black Magic Origins~ describe your own existence!

[ExP] Sable – A Mysterious Island?

Sable IslandFar to the north-west where the waters of the warm Gulf Stream meets the cold waters of the Labrador Current is a mysterious island name Sable. Sable island stretches for 24 miles from east to west in the form of a long narrow formation on the surface of the ocean. The nearest seaport city in Canada from the island about 120 miles . This dark and mysterious island experienced sailors called the ” graveyard of the Atlantic sea ” or ” island of shipwrecks .”

Mysterious features mysterious island has long interested scientists. In the early twentieth century, they found that the western side of the island is constantly being eroded because of the strong sea currents . But on the east side of the island , everything happens the other way around . There are constantly emerging sand bars , which are common to all the laws of physics can not appear. The most interesting thing is that as a result of these unexplained processes Long Island remains almost unchanged. But the island itself is slowly but relentlessly moving east.

As it was established researchers for 200 years, the island has moved slowly on the oceans more than 10 miles. The island moves at an average speed of about 200 meters per year. Every island, rising above the ocean waves, is the pinnacle of the seamount. The base of the hill is associated with tectonic plates that create a mosaic of the globe. Conventional island can not move faster than the moving tectonic plate, which is attached to the base of the island. A tectonic plates move at an average speed of only a few millimeters per year.

Sable Island quite a bit raised above sea level, and its height is almost unchanged. Notice to the island by a ship coming, especially with the active agitation of the ocean is absolutely impossible. Over Sable almost the whole year is a terrible weather with frequent rain and thick fog. And only one month a year, usually in July, the ocean becomes calm and set great weather. The biggest trouble lies in wait for inexperienced sailors and ship captains – reefs and shoals. The reefs here are amazing property – is no different from the color of the sea water and therefore almost indistinguishable.

It’s hard to say how many ships suffered here wreck. Under a thick layer of sand here, probably buried and Viking boats and Portuguese and Spanish caravels and galleons laden with riches and fishing boats, and military frigates and fishnet yacht … In the spring of 1939 in the area of ​​the island long raged unusually strong hurricanes and storms. As a result of bad weather on the island formed a huge and very deep hole. On the island I was sent to a research expedition that found in the resulting scour the remains of eight ships. Among them was the skeleton of an antique gallery.

In the mid- twentieth century to ensure safety of navigation in the area of ​​Sable Island Government of Canada arranged a weather station on the island , and have established a powerful beacon . On a weather station in shifts worked twenty. Later, most of the devices have switched to automatic operation. We were forced to do it. Because very often the weather station employees began to happen accidents. Often, for no reason many attendants broke legs, others ran into protruding from the sand rusty pieces of iron. According to unconfirmed reports some observers on duty at all disappeared in a sudden appear on the surface of the island. The result of the island left only works in automatic mode, like the beacon. Since the accident near the island ceased.

According to researchers of anomalous phenomena , Sable Island is extraterrestrial research probe, abandoned on an unknown planet highly developed civilization . This extraterrestrial research robot collects information about the technical level of earthlings. Exploring trapped in wrecked ships , it defines the level at which the equipment is the world’s inhabitants . To contact the robot with an unknown civilization once a year and is set on the island of beautiful weather .


[ExP] Sable – A Mysterious Island?